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File: HarvestMap01/03/20
Issues with Addons Setting Menu
Posted By: DarthArgonian
Found this error message popping up under the Settings -> Addons menu in game bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table/struct expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'ipairs' EsoUI/PregameAndIngame/ZO_Options/Keyboard/ZO_Options_Keyboard.lua:162: in function 'ZO_KeyboardOptions:PanelRequiresDeferredLoading' EsoUI/PregameAn...
File: SkyShards01/03/20
Encountering issue with Addon dependency?
Posted By: DarthArgonian
I recently updated my version to latest version, along with rest of addons, but for some reason it is saying that there is a Dependency for Skyshards. I am not sure what the issue is, as Changelogs and info for Addon does not show any needed addons along side it. Only addons i have are Harvestmap, LibSavedVArs, Lorebooks, Roomba, an...