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File: LoreBooks09/07/22
Compass distance not loading properly?
Posted By: thatlaurachick
It appears that the "display on compass" section is either not loading distance properly when entering a new zone (including delves/dungeons/etc). If I turn off "display on compass" then re-enable, it appears correctly. Example: I log in to Mournhold - compass shows all lorebooks around the city (all of which are collected and sho...
File: Action Duration Reminder09/01/22
Boundless Storm timer needs updating
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Hi there! I noticed that Boundless Storm's timer is disappearing (like done) at 12 seconds remaining. Also drops off shift bar then too. Thanks!
File: ExoYs Tributes Enhancement07/23/22
"Whisper your opponent" please reconsider
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Hi - I kept wondering how so many people were willing to type my very long @name in to send me trash talk and harassment during Tribute games, guess I know now. Please reconsider this "feature". I realize some people will do this regardless, but now I have to play Tribute in offline mode to avoid the trash talkers, just like avoid...
File: Hodor Reflexes - DPS & Ultimate Share05/15/22
Weird update?
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Like other posters I had to completely delete Hodor (and it's Saved Variables file) and reinstall. When I logged in, got this message: Couldn't load your Hodor Reflexes icon. Reinstall the addon or download it manually from esoui.com and restart the game. I don't have an icon... never have.
File: SkyShards05/06/22
Feature request?
Posted By: thatlaurachick
I love Skyshards, and just want to throw an idea out there. In light of Account Wide Achivements, it would be awesome if Skyshards could put up a notification like "Stormhaven Skyshards Completed" when I've collected them all. Not a big deal, just miss seeing that confirmation. Thanks for keeping this addon current!
File: Pithka's Achievement Tracker05/06/22
Getting same error
Posted By: thatlaurachick
user:/AddOns/PithkaAchievementTracker/Main.lua:76: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/PithkaAchievementTracker/Main.lua:76: in function 'PITHKA.arenaBug' user:/AddOns/PithkaAchievementTracker/Main.lua:62: in function 'PITHKA:Initialize' user:/AddOns/PithkaAchievementTracker/Main.lua:103: in function 'PITHK...
File: Hyper Tools05/03/22
Conditions do not work
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Well this explains why conditions aren't working. I really like these trackers, but I need to tie Minor Brittle to Master Desto. Trackers do not change when changing sets because there is no variable name in main.lua EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent/AddFilterForEvent(name...change to EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent/AddFilterForEvent...
File: Magic Carpet04/24/22
Way to turn off moving icons?
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Hi, I have sensory processing issues with animation and the moving icon for Magic Carpet (and the moving background) are a big issue. I love this addon and don't want to stop using it. Is there a way to include an option to DISABLE this movement? Otherwise MC is staying off in my addon list :( P.S. After turning off Magic Carpe...
File: Magic Sorter: Furniture Storage Automation03/26/22
Re: Conservatory ,Crystals
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Hi again! Multiple categories disappeared again after Update 33. Conservatory Mushrooms, Conservatory Boulders are two I found last night, but most of the categories seem to be short on listings. Thank you again! P.S. Would it be possible to add Services (like music boxes and crafting stations)? Hey there! Do you plan to ad...
File: CraftStore Lost Depths03/15/22
Re: Re: New Furniture Patterns
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Blueprint: Fargrave Balcony ... Can someone add please? Thank you! Thanks for the input. They should be in the next version which will probably be released soon™ / whenever master Rhyono finds the time to merge the changes and push a new version to ESOUI :) <3 Thank you so much! I wish I was better at LUA because I cannot sta...
File: CraftStore Lost Depths03/14/22
New Furniture Patterns
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Blueprint: Fargrave Balcony Blueprint: Fargrave Bridge, Rope Praxis: Fargrave Colonnade Hall Praxis: Fargrave Colonnade Roof, Barrle Diagram Fargrave Defensive Spike, Corner Diagram Fargrave Defensive Spike, Curved Diagram Fargrave Defensive Spike, Straight Praxis: Fargrave Facade, Huge PraxisL Fargrave Stiarway, Wide Stone...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre02/14/22
I'm having trouble scanning my guil...
Posted By: thatlaurachick
I'm having trouble scanning my guild's listings (I'm an officer), because after about 20 pages the server just returns "Too many searches in rapid succession." In the chat box, the "Scanning Page" always skips a page when the "too many searches" error returns. Is there a way in TTC to tell the full scan to re-do any pages when th...
File: Master Merchant 3.011/25/21
Weird error on
Posted By: thatlaurachick
bad argument #2 to 'string.format' (integer expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'string.format' user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:1199: in function 'MasterMerchant:OnItemLinkAction' user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:1245: in function 'OnSelect' /EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_ContextMenus/ZO_ContextMe...
File: Action Duration Reminder11/11/21
Dumb question but...
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Nevermind, figured it out. I said it was a dumb question...
File: WritWorthy11/05/21
Writs for Deadlands sets are out
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Just a heads up that writs for the new sets in Deadlands are out: Deadlands Demolisher, Iron Flask, and Wretched Vitality.
File: CraftStore Lost Depths09/26/21
Posted By: thatlaurachick
@Oliviander Thanks, I needed to extend my data scraping addon's range. All ~35 or so missing blueprints have been added. @MuMuQ That was included in 2.66 about 5 days before that. I will likely put it on github after this next update, as I'm generally too busy to work on it anymore. Thank you @Olivander for checking ESOUI more...
File: Master Merchant 3.009/14/21
Re: Re: Just updated MM.... get errors
Posted By: thatlaurachick
user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/Libs/LibGuildStore/Iterators/Iterators_Sales.lua:552: attempt to index a nil value What's the correct solution to this issue? MM isn't working with any other addons while this error persists. (AGS most notably) I''ve reinstalled MM twice with the latest update, so not sure what's next. AS in deleted...
File: Master Merchant 3.009/14/21
Just updated MM.... get errors
Posted By: thatlaurachick
user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/Libs/LibGuildStore/Iterators/Iterators_Sales.lua:552: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/Libs/LibGuildStore/Iterators/Iterators_Sales.lua:552: in function 'loopfunc' user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/Libs/LibGuildStore/Iterators/Iterators_Sales.lua:253: in function 'inte...
File: Master Merchant 3.009/13/21
New system message spam
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Please inform me of any mods that use MM information. The author should not access itemStats directly. This message just started appearing when looting daily writ rewards after updating to 3.6.60. (appears for each item looted) I don't know which addon is causing this message to generate, though either Lazy Writ Crafter or Loot Lo...
File: LibGPS09/13/21
Re: Re: LibGPS needs new version?
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Just FYI - game is reporting that Skyshards needs a newer version of LibGPS... but LibGPS does not have an update available. To fix this issue change LibGPS>=65 to LibGPS>=3.0 in SkyShards.TXT You didn't fix anything, quite on the contrary. You broke the version check so the addon loads even though the required dependency version...
File: LibGPS09/09/21
LibGPS needs new version?
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Just FYI - game is reporting that Skyshards needs a newer version of LibGPS... but LibGPS does not have an update available. To fix this issue change LibGPS>=65 to LibGPS>=3.0 in SkyShards.TXT
File: CraftStore Lost Depths08/30/21
New Leyawiin plans missing
Posted By: thatlaurachick
The new SulXan motif (Crafting Style 102) doesn't seem to be tracked and doesn't show in the list Yep and the Crafting style 103 Black Fin Legion is also not there The newest furniture patterns for Leyawiin (Structural and Gold from Writs Vendor) are also not tracked. Please fix Craftstore! Character knoweldge is driving me nu...
File: Postmaster Mail08/29/21
Take All option diappeared with U31?
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Hi there - I know the lastest Postmaster was set to remove the "reply" button when U31 released, but my "take all" button disappeared too. Yes, the option is enabled in settings. All the libraries are present and updated, and I'm in keyboard UI not gamepad. Still only have the option to take mail one at a time.
File: HarvestMap08/27/21
Thank you!
Posted By: thatlaurachick
@ClevaTreva: This addon does not display lore books. You might be using one of these two: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info288-LoreBooks.html https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1881-MapPins.html @thatlaurachick: This should be fixed in version 3.15.9. I already uploaded the update. It should be available soon, once the esoui...
File: HarvestMap08/26/21
LUA error after updating
Posted By: thatlaurachick
After updating Harvest Map this morning (only addon that updated) I'm getting this LUA error every time I log in (gamepad UI) Load (Control): Error: Unable to create control . This control already exists. Either set override="true" to override properties on the existing control or choose a name that is not a duplicate of an existi...