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File: Combat Metrics01/23/21
Re: Re: Additional questions/features
Posted By: Whoom
Thanks for the detailed and constructive feedback. 1) Consolidating similar Damage effects could be done, at least for skills with the exact same name and be handled like buffs with stacks or different Ids. Under the hood however it will always be remain the list as you see it now, since this is the natural format defined by the...
File: Combat Metrics01/20/21
Additional questions/features
Posted By: Whoom
Hi, great mod. I have a few questions, and perhaps a suggestion or two: First, when I get a parse for a combat I see multiple of the same item in the list. I suspect because of the way the skill works this is due to the fact that the damage scales every 3rd cast, but it seems weird for it to be broken out into multiple lines lik...