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File: DebugLogViewer03/16/20
no problem. I just removed all the...
Posted By: charlie_rowland
no problem. I just removed all the EVENT_MANAGER functions from LibDebugLogger and any references or functions related to LogDeprecationWarning in LibStub and that takes care of it. Thanks for your help!
File: DebugLogViewer03/11/20
It would be nice if you answered my...
Posted By: charlie_rowland
It would be nice if you answered my questions and not just patronize me. I have spent years optimizing algorithms to optimize them and from your log file it does not look like your code is very optimized. In addition since it takes what seems to be forever to load the game I am very much concerned with anything that is adding to that.
File: DebugLogViewer03/10/20
I am more concerned with the time i...
Posted By: charlie_rowland
I am more concerned with the time it takes to log these, not for me to see them. I am not flying a plane, just trying to load my game up faster. Frankly why do I care that an addon is using LibStub? Why are there so many? Can't you make it more efficient? It also does not tell me which addon is causing the error so it is basically us...
File: DebugLogViewer03/07/20
W/LibStub Don't Call Me
Posted By: charlie_rowland
I have about 100 of these lines in the logviewer. I do not care to log any of this info. I tried disabling LibDebugLogger but it is required by AwesomeGuildStore. Can you remove the dependency for AwesomeGuildStore, please? Thank you!
File: LibStub12/04/19
LibStub Info
Posted By: charlie_rowland
Hello, I was wondering: I have downloaded LibStub and copied the folder to my AddOns folder. Is it safe to delete the extra 9 LibStub folders in various other AddOn folders? Won't that speed up my load time? Thanks! Just deleted them. Everything seems to be working. Lost 2 seconds on load time, not that great since it sti...
File: Enchanted Quality06/10/19
Lengendary enchantments
Posted By: charlie_rowland
This is a great addon. Thanks for making it. Is there any way on legendary to distinguish between superb and truly superb? Thank you!