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File: CraftAutoLoot05/28/15
I removed the portion that was hidi...
Posted By: Jhenox
I removed the portion that was hiding the "Empty" text as no one actually asked for it and at least one person didn't like it. ;)
File: CraftAutoLoot05/24/15
Posted By: Jhenox
I added in a few lines to hide the "Empty" dialog when the reticle is over empty containers. I always thought this was distracting when I am looking for things to loot. Now, also, wonky free! Thank you!
File: ImmersiveHorseRiding05/19/15
I do like this addon but I also use...
Posted By: Jhenox
I do like this addon but I also use "Immersion Camera" to switch to 3rd person while in combat. The problem I have is how slowly the camera floats in and out when using this. Does anyone know of another 3rd-person-combat-camera addon or some other solution to this? Thank you.
File: CraftAutoLoot03/16/15
I realized that too. I am planning...
Posted By: Jhenox
I realized that too. I am planning to change this to use the actiontypes rather than the actual text. I will get that up shortly.
File: CraftAutoLoot03/16/15
I noticed that too and i've made su...
Posted By: Jhenox
I noticed that too and i've made sure that it belongs to a category. I will continue investigating.
File: Combat Reticle03/05/15
I would love to be able to use this...
Posted By: Jhenox
I would love to be able to use this with update 1.6. Is there anything I can do to help? Testing? I can only manage some simple things in Lua. :rolleyes:
File: PinKiller12/14/14
Turning off Crafting Writs also turning off some additional pins.
Posted By: Jhenox
Hello. I was in Marbruk (in Greenshade) and I spoke to Captain Sarandil. He offers a quest to continue the Staff of Magnus storyline but he had no pin. As I toggle Crafting Writ off and on, his pin also turns off and on. I also found it was turning off the pin for the Fighter's Guild quest line in Marbruk. I haven't had a problem pr...
File: No, thank you!12/10/14
Thank you
Posted By: Jhenox
Twice in two days you've come out with a clever and convenient addon. No, Thank YOU!
File: DEPRECATED: Ak0s Reticle Tweaks: Sk1tz's Fix11/30/14
Suggestion: Player supplied filter list.
Posted By: Jhenox
Another feature suggestion is the ability to filter out junk items from showing the (E) Take interaction window. You still see the reticle collapse down and the item can still be taken but you don't see the Take popup spam. This is just some basic items I manually entered but this could be fleshed out to allow the player to add filte...
File: DEPRECATED: Ak0s Reticle Tweaks: Sk1tz's Fix11/29/14
Feature suggestion: Hide interact on Empty.
Posted By: Jhenox
Hello, I kept getting annoyed with all the Empty spam so I made a minor modification which just hides the interact altogether when the container is empty. It helps while scanning a room for items/containers. I just used "ZO_ReticleContainerInteract:SetAlpha(0)" then "ZO_ReticleContainerInteract:SetAlpha(100)". Maybe this could be add...
File: PinKiller11/23/14
Quest Giver pin Problems with 1.9.
Posted By: Jhenox
With update 1.9 which adds the writ quest pin option, I am finding that my quest giver pins are also being killed. I am far far away from any writ boards but the pins are gone. If I toggle writs on then the pins come back but are also visible when speaking to the npc. If I /reloadui then the pins disappear again even with writs on. F...
File: ggFrames11/18/14
Player DoT animation is too big after resizing bars.
Posted By: Jhenox
I have resized my health, magicka, and stamina bars to be much smaller. I think I resized them down to 13 to still allow a very small font (10) to still fit and be centered. The problem I am having is that the animation when I have a DoT on me (< < < < <) extends far beyond the height of all of the bars. It looks like increase effect...
File: ggFrames11/16/14
Overlay text?
Posted By: Jhenox
Edit 2: Installed LMP Removed Fonts. Working great now! Thank you. Edit 1: Please disregard. I just read other posts about the missing fonts. I will check that out. Thank you. Original: I can't get any overlay text to appear. Is this a known issue? I have tried making sure that there are no other UI affecting add-ons loaded to...
File: Harven's Potions Alert07/07/14
Feature Request: In-combat/out-of-combat default potions.
Posted By: Jhenox
Thank you for this add on. It has made potions useful for me where before I would almost never use them. I was thinking a nice feature would be to have other potion options rather than only health, stamina, and magicka. For example, have a default potion that can be set when out of combat like and invis potion then another that can b...