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File: SpentSkillPoints08/20/18
Thank You
Posted By: MurkyMais
Thank You. I appreciate your work
File: PointsofColor08/12/18
Great work!! I enjoy your mod, maps...
Posted By: MurkyMais
Great work!! I enjoy your mod, maps never looked so good!
File: Bank Manager Revived08/27/17
FCOIS - Not working
Posted By: MurkyMais
First of all thank you for wonderful ADDon it saves me a lot of time. I did notice a coding error. I changed FCOIsMarked to FCOIS.IsMarked to get it work properly. if FCOIS then --FCOIS version <1.0.0 if FCOIS.IsMarked then local FCOiconsToCheck = {} --Build icons to check table, and don't add the "coin" i...
File: Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)08/22/17
Great Add On
Posted By: MurkyMais
I love this add on. I have an idea for future enhancement. Have lootdrop activate when deconstructing items. I would find that useful. Thanks you all your great work.
File: Circonians WaypointIt07/15/17
This is one of my favourite addons....
Posted By: MurkyMais
This is one of my favourite addons. I hope it comes back. Please bring it back to life!
File: RAETIA InfoHub06/17/17
Re: Re: Re: bankslot fix
Posted By: MurkyMais
Thanks but itīs only half working. :( now the size of the bag is correct, but the counter stops at 240, although I have more in the bank. Yeah well, I proposed something to allow us to use it until the next update. Hoping this is still maintained. If not, I could maybe work on it after the next two weeks ... This will fix m...
File: CraftStore05/10/15
Posted By: MurkyMais
@MurkyMais: Can you please give me a screenshot and/or a more detailed description of the problem. @Renwa: I have implemented a new function. Garkin got a previous version to test. Hope he can use it now without crawling my saved variable. I was use an old (discontinued) Add on Ni Inventory Manager by: Vuelhering. This addon gi...
File: CraftStore05/09/15
Love your work !!
Posted By: MurkyMais
First of all I appreciate all the effort you put in your Addons. I love Craft Store a lot, the latest version if colliding with FCO ItemSaver. It seems both Addons are using the same space on the weapons and amour inventory. FCO puts indicators to lock items and bunch of over good stuff. I wish I could really use the two toget...
File: BugEater (formerly LibDebug)09/15/14
Binder Addon - Will not display
Posted By: MurkyMais
I was not sure where to post this. I did not find a bug log. I use Binder http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info215-Binder.html When I run your addon it suppresses the output from Binder in the chat window. Please will provide some insight or a work around. Thanks Your add on is great! :)