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File: Quest Map06/07/17
So just curious, Lorebooks has a bu...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
So just curious, Lorebooks has a built-in book miner(if I understand the changelog correctly) that gets turned on/off during update times, would something like that be possible for Quest Map, to make it easier/faster to get the info you need? And thanks for the addon, it is wonderful! :D The problem is not the mining itself, fo...
File: Travel Music05/17/17
Hi! Sorry but I dont understand t...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Hi! Sorry but I dont understand the goal of this mod. I can hear game music when I mount my horse.. It's for players who only want music while travelling with the horse and no music when walking or doing other stuff.
File: DevTools05/16/17
Slash 404 updated
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Just wanted to let you know that I updated Slash 404. The version you have in DevTools doesn't work anymore since the last update.
File: Slash 40405/16/17
Re: Chat Window Message?
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
I had this addon installed probably 6 months ago or more before I quit, and I think I remember it adding a chat message. After looking at the addon, I assume it is supposed to return Command not found in the chat window. If I issue an unknown command, I get a message in the top-right corner of the screen that says Invalid Command, bu...
File: Helmet Toggle05/14/17
the keybind turns of the auto toggl...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
the keybind turns of the auto toggle :? Yes, that behaviour is intended. The key, button and chat command are for the manual mode, and the combat detection is the auto mode.
File: Unlimited Camera Zoom04/11/17
Re: Cant zoom out any futher
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Just downloaded this, but I cannot zoom out any further than usual. Cant find any settings, can you help me figure this out? Not possible with an add-on, maybe with a custom launcher or something
File: GuildRankNotifier - Guild Rank Change Notifications04/06/17
Cool idea, will try it out. PS:...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Cool idea, will try it out. PS: wrong readme file included ;)
File: Quest Map04/02/17
Wrothgar added
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Any word on an update? You probably have a lot of info provided by this addon to implement. Unfortunately I haven't gotten many submissions from players with the scout addon, but with some help from another player/developer I was finally able to add the Wrothgar quests.
File: Quest Map11/05/16
Hi, I have problem with Wrothgar lo...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Hi, I have problem with Wrothgar location. I dont have any quest pin on my map even I dont have any list of my completed or incompleted quests after I use /qmlist command. Anyone have similar problem or solution? Thanks :) I haven't added Wrothgar and the other DLC maps yet because I haven't enough data and time yet, sorry :(
File: Quest Map10/25/16
Re: Gamepad mode support
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
The quest filter options don't show up in the "Filters" tab when using Gamepad Mode. Is that something that can be fixed easily? Not sure, I'll look into it. Do you know an add-on that already can do this?
File: Quest Map10/23/16
Re: Update coming? Showing out of date.
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Will you be updating this addon? Hope so, the zos version sucks. Just updated it to the newest API version and added other improvements (see changelog). Have fun :)
File: Group Notifications10/23/16
I did notice that there doesn't see...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
I did notice that there doesn't seem to be a message displayed if I leave a group. That's right, the "Group leader changed to" message you got in the previous version was displayed wrongly. It's not possible to find out who became leader while/after leaving a group as leader.
File: Group Notifications09/26/16
Thanks for reporting! This beta...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Thanks for reporting! This beta version should fix the first bugs you reported: "() has left the group." should now be displayed as " has left the group." "Group leader changed to ." should now not be displayed anymore when leaving the group as leader. Let me know if it works for you to. In the mean time I'll try to rep...
File: Missing Map Textures Patch07/27/16
Re: Re: Re: Auridon quest the Jester's Joke
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
but in theory if someone(the user, not ZOS) will draw the custom map texture for this one, you can add it? Yes it would be possible, but it would take some more work. The problem is that because the location doesn't have it's own map, there would be some kind of workaround/hack necessary to detect if the player is IN there (and no...
File: Missing Map Textures Patch07/27/16
Re: Auridon quest the Jester's Joke
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Auridon quest the Jester's Joke north part of the map the door name Antechamber - you can enter even if you finished the quest its some kind of dungeon under ground but it hast a map can you add pls? is it possible? i also know another places with the same issue Hi QuadroTony Thanks for reporting that, I just checked it...
File: Unlimited Camera Zoom07/08/16
Re: unlimited???
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
i not andestand / zoom is not @[email protected] ))) Here's a list of things that you can do with this mod: First person view when in Werewolf form First person view while riding Zoom in closer to the character Those things are normally not possible. The mod removes this limitation.
File: Quest Map04/29/16
Is there any way to automatically f...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Is there any way to automatically filter out skill point quests on the map, or do I have to just manually hide all the non-skill point quests? Yes, see screenshot 3: if you only have "uncompleted" and "skill point" checked then the map will only show uncompleted quests that give a skill point as reward (like in screenshot 10). You...
File: Wykkyd Outfitter04/23/16
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Great addon! A suggestion for making it even better: It would be nice if it would also remember the costume :rolleyes: local function GetActiveCostume() local function IsCollectibleActive(collectibleId) return true==select(7, GetCollectibleInfo(collectibleId)) end local activeCostumeId = nil local numCostumes = GetTotal...
File: Quest Map04/11/16
Re: Support for Gamepad UI
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Like the subject like says, any chance of getting this to work with the Gamepad UI? That would have been really useful while I leveled a few alts during the "Cake week". I was trying to only do quests with skill points, found I have to revert to PC UI to get that info on the map tooltips. I'll see if I can get hold of a gamepad fr...
File: Quest Map04/05/16
There's at least one quest that giv...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
There's at least one quest that gives skillpoint not shown on map with this mod. I'm talking about "Buyer Beware" quest in Malabar-Tor (Belarata ruins) given by npc named Jurak-dar. With filters "quests uncompleted" and "subfilter skill point" turned on this one is still invisible on the map. Of course my character that tested this i...
File: Helmet Toggle03/27/16
Re: Other toggles
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Would you have any interest in making a toggle for 'Prevent Attacking Innocents' via a keybind? Sure, good idea :) Edit: Made an alpha version (dropbox link). Can't test it atm thought because I only have an old laptop available :o
File: Quest Map03/15/16
Am I the only one that gets like 20...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Am I the only one that gets like 20 markers for the same quest spread across an area of the map? Sometimes there can be multiple markers for the same quest close by. Cleaning those up is on my to-do list :o Some places are worse and some are "cleaner", if you have multiple markers everywhere then there might be something wrong th...
File: Quest Map03/10/16
Is this updated or will be updated...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Is this updated or will be updated for the new Thieves Guild DLC? Yes, TG and Orsinium will be added when I have enough data collected. (I don't have that much time to play the game atm though :/)
File: Group Notifications03/08/16
Re: bug?
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
With the latest update 1.0.1 I'm getting "Group leader changed to ." messages all the time when I change zones or enter buildings, etc. Don't recall this problem with 1.0. I'm in a group of two (me and another person), no group leader changes happening. Bug? Thanks for reporting, could you try if any of those works? Dropbox links...
File: Save My Build03/06/16
Great add-on! :banana: This add-...
Posted By: CaptainBlagbird
Great add-on! :banana: This add-on lead me to create Auto Run which runs slash commands at startup. E.g. I now use "/savebuild autosave" with it so everytime I log in, my current build is saved.