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File: LibMainMenu-2.009/01/18
LibMainMenu-2.0 ..... Who needs it?
Posted By: Shadowshire
Which TESO players must download and install this "add-on"?? IMHO, the developers of the add-ons which use its functions should include it with the installation of their add-on. ZOS (?) has added a Libraries category at the bottom of the list of addons. It evidently lists the "libraries" which are installed in the respective addon...
File: pChat (Chat customization & help: look/notification/sound/automation/history)08/29/18
pChat & subsequent : Pesistent Tell Prefix
Posted By: Shadowshire
After I reply to a Whisper (whether the reply is the only message or simply most recent to the recipient), and the exchange of messages ends, the prefix "Tell character name: " persists indefinitely in the Chat text entry field. Every time that I press to access the Chat text input field, the same prefix "Tell character...
File: No Green Incap08/25/18
Fifteen percent of the human male population is color-blind
Posted By: Shadowshire
and the ZOS development team managers still don't have a clue. For example, I see the color "green" as either red, orange, or yellow -- or sometimes as gray or brown (e.g., khaki or beige). The only shade/hue/whatever of "green" that I can usually distinguish as "green" is "apple green", such as motor vehicles painted with that col...
File: Fast Ride08/23/18
Fast Ride 1.3.1 - Add-on removes ability from ability bar
Posted By: Shadowshire
First of all, I configured Fast Ride to put the Rapid Maneuver (morph) icon in the 3rd slot of the ability bar (on the first ability bar) instead of the default 1st slot. After Fast Ride loaded and I chose to summon the mount, the Rapid Maneuver morph icon was displayed in the 3rd slot on the first ability bar. After my character...
File: Harven's Research Timers08/21/18
Is Harven updating any of his numer...
Posted By: Shadowshire
Is Harven updating any of his numerous & wonderful addons? Anyway, if you're looking to use this, there's a reworked version here: CraftResearchTimers Unfortunately not anymore it looks like. At least Harven updated this one finally. At the time of this post on 2018-08-21 the hyperlink to Craft Research Timers above produces a pa...
File: Furniture Catalogue08/19/18
Re: Error
Posted By: Shadowshire
After the current update: user:/AddOns/FurnitureCatalogue/data/AchievementVendors.lua:16: } expected (to close { at line 1) near ']' I don't see a mismatch though in the code myself... edit: Found it, missing a Nice catch! Easy to edit with Notepad++ :)
File: AUI 4.1 minimap and actionbar patch08/18/18
Re: Re: Just patch or AUI w/ new patch?
Posted By: Shadowshire
How do I apply this patch to AUI? Or is this the addon itself with the extra patch applied? Thanks :) Just install it from Minion or download zip and ovewrite AUI files. For better or for worse, PKZip doesn't allow a file(s) in any folder to be "overwritten" and its alternatives won't effectively replace the existing file with th...
File: ESO Master Recipe List08/16/18
ESO MRL 1.55.2 - Materials Added to Furnishing Tooltip
Posted By: Shadowshire
As far as I can determine, ESO Master Recipe List adds a list of crafting materials to the tooltips for Furnishing Items while the player uses the Guild Store UI (via a banker) Sell feature: https://imgur.com/a/jKXo3ot What is the point? I don't care which ingredients are in an item that I have offered, or am in the process of of...
File: TraitBuddy08/16/18
Trait Buddy 6.1 UI Error - attempt to index a nil value
Posted By: Shadowshire
Following is an image of the entire UI Error dialog: https://imgur.com/a/DOCWYDx Following is an image of the Jewelry Crafting Station UI Deconstruct Function which displays Woodworking items instead because of the above Trait Buddy UI Error: https://imgur.com/a/sOLpJXG That weird outcome is shown on all Jewelry Crafting Stations...
File: Notebook 201808/16/18
Notebook2018 versions (filenames)
Posted By: Shadowshire
Please add the Notebook2018 version number to the name of the file which you upload to ESOUI. There are two or three methods to show add it to the filename. In the USA, usually the software name is followed by a blank space and the digits in the version number are separated by a period (for example, MyAddon 3.1.5). In Europe, usually...
File: Fast Ride08/14/18
Re: Re: Availability of Rapid Maneuver (and its morphs)
Posted By: Shadowshire
Quote: ".... When you change active bars while in Rapids-mode, the Rapid Maneuvers skill will be added to the second bar as well." Can you please make that a configuration option? I prefer that Rapid Maneuver only be available on the first bar. Then, if I am forced to enter combat, I can switch to the second bar if I need the skill...
File: Fast Ride08/13/18
Availability of Rapid Maneuver (and its morphs)
Posted By: Shadowshire
Quote: ".... When you change active bars while in Rapids-mode, the Rapid Maneuvers skill will be added to the second bar as well." Can you please make that a configuration option? I prefer that Rapid Maneuver only be available on the first bar. Then, if I am forced to enter combat, I can switch to the second bar if I need the skill...
File: ESO Master Recipe List07/30/18
ESO MRL 1.55.2 - Provisioning Writs
Posted By: Shadowshire
ESO MRL does not mark the respective food and beverage recipes that are required for a character's current Provisioning Crafting Writ quest (which has been obtained and recorded in the character's Journal). There may be a checkmark for the food or beverage category, but never for the recipe itself. Usually there is a checkmark for...
File: Map Pins07/20/18
Map Pins 1.29 - Missing Filter for Crafting Stations
Posted By: Shadowshire
When I display the Map and look at the list of filters, there is no filter to disable the Crafting Station data display. Quite apparently it is enabled by default. (This is driving me crazy! I don't need the data because I just go to a Guild Hall to craft Master Writs by using Attunable Crafting Stations.) Please add the missing filt...
File: WritWorthy07/14/18
Which version is Writ Worthy now?
Posted By: Shadowshire
According to the Addon Info tab, the Writ Worthy version is 4.1.1. However, when I download the file, it is named Writ Worthy 4.1.0. Is the file misnamed, or did you upload version 4.1.0 instead of 4.1.1?
File: Light Attack Helper07/06/18
Light Attack Helper Isn't Helpful Enough
Posted By: Shadowshire
In many combat situations, I use two or three light attacks before I use an ability, then might use another ability (for example, use a potion or heal my character) before making another light attack. Simply counting the light attacks, with or without heavy attacks, is only half of the information that I need to determine whether I'm...
File: Cashier06/30/18
Cashier 1.32 UI Error
Posted By: Shadowshire
The following error dialog has been displayed once after I loaded one of my characters. If memory serves, the character was the first one which I chose to play, after an interval of several hours during which I did not play TESO. It was not displayed after I subsequently logged-out of that character, then chose another character an...
File: Cashier06/30/18
Re: Re: Cashier 1.32 Ledger Lines
Posted By: Shadowshire
.... You indeed can change the window size. The borders are not grabbable, but if you go into settings, under addons then Cashier you will see sliders that change the window size. As stated in the description you must have the addon enabled on all characters that remove or add funds to the bank for it to track, and it must be the sam...
File: Cashier06/24/18
Cashier 1.32 Ledger Lines
Posted By: Shadowshire
As the attached image shows, when a line begins with BANK ERROR! the new balance that should be displayed at the end of the line is not shown. Probably the line of text is too long for the width of the window. (I cannot make the window any larger.) This is also true for lines on which the character's name is relatively long, such as...
File: Votan's Fish Fillet06/24/18
Anomalous Outcome While Using Fish Fillet
Posted By: Shadowshire
First, I had to suspend my ESO Plus subscription, so an item cannot be stored in the Crafting Bag, only retrieved from it. Yesterday, one of my character's fished in Coldharbour "azure plasm" sites -- all of them are "foul water" -- and eventually acquired 46 Slaughterfish and 44 Trodh. So I used the context menu "Fillet Fish" opt...
File: Cashier06/17/18
What I would like to see in a Cashier (or Cash Journal) Add-on.
Posted By: Shadowshire
Personally, I run the add-on SALTI which provides the same data, and more, as Cashier currently provides. The integrity of the TESO software and/or of the Bethesda megaserver is questionable -- from time-to-time players report that Gold Pieces, among other things, are missing from their Bank account (usually from a Guild Bank accoun...
File: pChat (Chat customization & help: look/notification/sound/automation/history)06/16/18
Change the Tab & Change the Channel (For Text Entry)
Posted By: Shadowshire
After I click the Left Mouse Button on a pchat tab to select the corresponding (configured) channel, the channel in which I enter any comment that I want to make remains the same until I use a /slash command to change to the same channel that is displayed by the Tab. Of course, this means that I must remember which /channel is assign...
File: No, thank you! (continued)06/06/18
Re: Re: Whew!
Posted By: Shadowshire
Thank-you very much to RavenMind for finding a "fix" for this recent problem. No, Thank You! must truly be as significant to all of you as it has been for me. So now I have two files in my TESO Addons archive: NoThankYou 0.1.0 (continued) NoThankYou 0.1.0 (fixed) :D
File: TraitBuddy06/05/18
Trait Buddy 5.91 UI Error
Posted By: Shadowshire
The following UI Error dialog is displayed immediately when my character uses a Crafting Station. If I dismiss it, then it will be re-displayed when I attempt to use any Crafting Station feature. Consequently, Trait Buddy must be deactivated and the UI reloaded. https://imgur.com/a/pUvaD1P The image is a bit fuzzy because I enlarg...
File: Notebook 201806/04/18
Version Number
Posted By: Shadowshire
Please add the version number of the addon software after the name of the file. I retain the each version temporarily in an "archive" folder, After downloading and installing the current version, I move it to the same "archive". So the respective files cannot have the same name. They are easily distinguished by the version number in...