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File: Assist Rapid Riding06/19/17
Rapid Maneuver Disappears From Ability Bar
Posted By: Shadowshire
In some situations, I put Rapid Maneuver on the Ability Bar (replacing an another ability that has been put in the same slot) when my character will be running and sprinting on foot. The problem is, if my character summons a mount, the mount appears and the character mounts, and the Rapid Maneuver ability is deleted from the Ability...
File: Assist Rapid Riding06/19/17
... one question tho - why does whe...
Posted By: Shadowshire
... one question tho - why does when i activate Rapid Maneuver (or its morphs for that matter) only the mounted movement speed buff apply and not the normal movement speed buff as well? Rapid Maneuver does buff the speed of the mount while your character is mounted. That is, the mount moves MUCH faster after you use RM than it does...
File: Fixes for Morrowind05/24/17
Re: Re: Few of Us Are Among the Cognoscenti
Posted By: Shadowshire
.... Sorry, I'm no professional at doing these fixes. This was a fix for the Crafted Potions add-on. I didn't realize that posting a patch under Crafted Potions would be visible anywhere outside of the Crafted Potions screens, which would have given context to what my fixes were. I'll re-post my patch in a moment with a title that...
File: LoreBooks05/23/17
Lorebook Pins On Mini-Map But Not On Map
Posted By: Shadowshire
For a few weeks (?) or at least a month, I've been "finding" that a Lore Book which is shown on Fyrakin's MiniMap is often not shown on the main Map. When one of my characters moves to the location shown by the pin, no lorebook is there -- when a Lorebook is there then a pin shows its location on both the main Map and the MiniMap. T...
File: Fixes for Morrowind05/23/17
Few of Us Are Among the Cognoscenti
Posted By: Shadowshire
SO: there has been a change in the Application Programming Interface for the whichever function. How, exactly, does this add-on "fix" the game client installed for the Morrowind patch? Or does it only "fix" an add-on, and, if that is the case, then how does it "fix" it? Is it meant to be used for only one specific add-on (which o...
File: QualityColorBlind05/22/17
Re: Re: Re: Re: Feedback From A Red-Green Color-Blind Man
Posted By: Shadowshire
Hi I have done a new version You can choose what you want show And choose use 12345 or nfsel And show quality on tooltip If any idea bug Let me know Thank-you for adding the configuration options in version 1.2.0. Unfortunately, with version 1.2.1, the game software displays the following UI Error message each and every time that...
File: QualityColorBlind05/10/17
Re: Re: Feedback From A Red-Green Color-Blind Man
Posted By: Shadowshire
hi sorry my English not good You mean the addon just show 3 and 4 enough Or you want a setting page to choose witch one to show ? Thank you I meant just show 4 and 5 to mark the Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Gold) items, respectively. I cannot distinguish Fine from Legendary (Green from Gold). Also, when an Epic item is not...
File: QualityColorBlind05/08/17
Feedback From A Red-Green Color-Blind Man
Posted By: Shadowshire
Thank-you for your interest in providing assistance to those of us who are "color-blind". You might want to read the Wikipedia article on the subject, which is quite informative. Please permit me to offer some friendly comments: (1) Literally, anyone who can see at all can see White and distinguish it from any other color. So there...
File: Furniture Catalogue04/30/17
Furniture Catalog 0.94 (?) UI - Cursor Mode / Reticule Mode
Posted By: Shadowshire
Normally, with the ESO UI the Reticule ("crosshairs") at or near the center of the screen is used to control the direction in which the character moves, as well as selecting a target for an action, among other things. When I switch to another UI such as the one for E-Mail messages, for the character's "bags" (inventory), or the for t...
File: Furniture Catalogue04/17/17
Furniture Catalog Reloading Delay
Posted By: Shadowshire
Is it necessary to load the entire furnishings catalog into memory each and every time that the add-on is reloaded? Aside from having four characters that I play almost every day, often I log-out and log-in to the same character in order to retrieve one or more e-mail messages which either have an item that I have bought attached, or...
File: WritWorthy04/09/17
Hardcode it maybe? Done. I just u...
Posted By: Shadowshire
Hardcode it maybe? Done. I just uploaded version 2.7.10, which will fall back to hardcoded prices if there is no MM data. Hardcoded prices supplied for the basic style materials: 15g, and non-nirncrux trait materials: 5g. There is a UI option to enable/disable this fallback, default off. If you wish to change the default prices...
File: WritWorthy04/03/17
Re: Re: UI Errors - Writ Worthy 2.7.9
Posted By: Shadowshire
1. That first UI error from within Util.Fail(). Yeah, I guess I could see how that might happen? I'll try a few things. 2. I can see "Glyph not found:0" in the chat window for the first error. VERY bizarre that the master enchanting writ lacks an actual enchanting glyph as a requirement. Good golly I'd like to get a look at the item...
File: WritWorthy03/29/17
UI Errors - Writ Worthy 2.7.9
Posted By: Shadowshire
The following Imgur album has two images of two respective UI Error dialogs which were displayed when I opened a crafting reward container that included a Sealed Master Crafting Writ: http://imgur.com/a/XcGf0 I do not have a GitHub account, and no other way to upload a copy of the Saved Variables file.
File: Combat Metrics03/19/17
Posted By: Shadowshire
I just downloaded the add on and i might be missing something so I was hoping you'd be able to clarify it. DPS is calculated using the time of the total fight not the casting time of that ability. is there a way to change it? what I'm getting at is if I use an ability that hits for 6k and takes 2 seconds to cast its dps should be 3k...
File: Furniture Catalogue03/16/17
The Current Version Is ???
Posted By: Shadowshire
The Furniture Catalogue (Beta) page on ESOUI states that the (current) version is 0.6h. But the downloaded file is named FurnitureCatalogue 0.6g. Is the file mis-named, or has version 0.6h not been made available for download yet? ..... among other possibilities .... Thanks for your time and attention to this query.
File: WritWorthy03/12/17
Writ Worthy 2.7.7 UI Error
Posted By: Shadowshire
The following is part of a screenshot which I took after the game client displayed a UI Error when I attempted to examine a Sealed Writ. http://imgur.com/a/R42zJ Please remedy this error and update the add-on. Thank-you for your time and attention to this matter. In Game: @Shadowshire Any chance you still have that sealed writ an...
File: WritWorthy03/09/17
The following is part of a screensh...
Posted By: Shadowshire
The following is part of a screenshot which I took after the game client displayed a UI Error when I attempted to examine a Sealed Writ. http://imgur.com/a/R42zJ Please remedy this error and update the add-on. Thank-you for your time and attention to this matter. In Game: @Shadowshire
File: Show Global Cooldown03/07/17
Global Cooldown on "Action Bar" ??
Posted By: Shadowshire
Maybe I use one too many add-ons. Mostly I use Sorcerer's Helper which shows countdowns for active spells. I have been able to locate its output so that it doesn't interfere with the Action Bars and output from Combat Metrics. On occasion I've used Srendarr's Buff and Debuff Tracker as well, or instead of one of the others. Keeping t...
File: WritWorthy02/21/17
Hey, like the addon! Another great...
Posted By: Shadowshire
Hey, like the addon! Another great one from you Thanks! "WritWorthy: 323 recipe names loaded. recipe not found:"68251" AHA! I just figured out the cause of this. Your character does not know the required recipe. This bug has been gnawing at me for a couple days now. Either I embed a list of all 554 recipes into the add-on, or I fi...
File: WritWorthy02/21/17
UI Error - Writ Worthy 2.7.4 Upon Opening Crafting Writ Payoff Container
Posted By: Shadowshire
The following UI Error message has been displayed twice yesterday, when my PC delivered a completed Crafting Writ and opened the payoff container (e.g., Alchemists Vessel) which included a Sealed Master Wrti: http://imgur.com/a/s15iG
File: Master Merchant02/18/17
Master Merchant 1.9.5 UI Errors & Interference in UIs
Posted By: Shadowshire
The following three images show MM 1.9.5 UI errors and interference with the operation of the E-Mail UI: http://i.imgur.com/ffAo0DM.png UI Error Dialog 1 http://i.imgur.com/dorXxLi.png Interference with E-Mail UI http://i.imgur.com/8noIAiK.png UI Error Dialog 2 If you have any questions, then please e-mail @Shadowshire...
File: Harven's Quest Journal02/13/17
Harven's Quest Journal "Out-of-date" (?)
Posted By: Shadowshire
Hey! I will update them tonight (GMT time ;)) From what I saw they work just fine when you allow outdated addons. The ESO game client still reports that Version 2.5a is "Out-Of-Date". As far as I know, it does work if loading outdated add-ons is enabled. That is true for several addons that I use, but one or two of them probably d...
File: Master Merchant02/13/17
Master Merchant UI Error Upon Viewing Inventory Items
Posted By: Shadowshire
File: AwesomeGuildStore02/12/17
AGS UI Behavior
Posted By: Shadowshire
I have been experiencing the same problems that are described by Kestrelator. There seems to be some confilct between entering a number in the data field for the amount to sell and the slider to its left. It refuses to accept the number key(s) that I press and the slider jiggles back-and-forth as if it is stuck. When I attempt to us...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre08/26/16
Install Instructions
Posted By: Shadowshire
Can you please use a different color for the letters in the text of the installation instructions? They are still barely visible, if I squint, and almost totally illegible. If you use the same color for them as the webpage background, then they should become invisible altogether.