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File: More Target Information08/05/19
Distribution Package
Posted By: Shadowshire
Always include a folder in the compressed file, one in which to store the add-on files. Else, they are extracted and stored in the principal .../Addons folder, and the game client will not load the add-on.
File: Bag Space Indicator08/03/19
Please add a Key-Bind ...
Posted By: Shadowshire
(1) Add a folder in the compressed file in which the addon files will be stored. Else, they are stored in the .../Addons folder itself. (2) Add a key-bind so that we can toggle whether the display is shown on the HUD. :) Also, for all amounts (especially Gold Pieces) commas in the format ddd,ddd,ddd would be nice, too.
File: More Target Information08/03/19
Posted By: Shadowshire
Since I am red-green colorblind, I don't see the color "green" very well, when I see it at all. With the TESO pallette, green is identical to yellow. So I cannot distinguish "Fine" quality items from "Legendary" quality. I use the add-on Custom Colors to specify the colors for each of the qualities, which works for items. So I sugg...
File: NTak Loot'n'Steal07/14/19
Re: Re: Conflict with auto-loot toggling
Posted By: Shadowshire
Thanks! With that change and keybind, I suppose that I can stop using Toggle Auto Loot. It is simple and has been reliable. But, arguably, with as many add-ons that I use, reducing the number loaded at any given time improves the performance of the game client. For example, before my characters enter a Dungeon, I disable Harvest Map...
File: NTak Loot'n'Steal07/13/19
Conflict with auto-loot toggling
Posted By: Shadowshire
When I do not load NTak Loot'n'Steal, the following auto-loot problem does NOT occur: (1) Use the keybind for the addon AutoLoot Toggle to turn auto-looting off (usually because I want to see what is being looted from a materials node, from fishing, or from another source). (2) Loot a node or catch a fish. (3) The loot dialog is di...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated07/02/19
Advanced Filters - Does Not Load
Posted By: Shadowshire
Version does not load. The ESC > Addons list shows the add-on present, but the checkbox is empty. The tooltip for it in the update column (far right) lists three libraries which are required. All of them are, in fact, present and loaded, as far as I can determine from looking at the library list that follows the add-on list....
File: Dungeon Champions06/29/19
Location of Files for Dungeon Champions
Posted By: Shadowshire
For your information: I recently discovered that Dungeon Champions has been missing from the ESC > Addons list displayed for each of my 4 primary characters. Investigating, I discovered that the /Addons folder did not include a folder for Dungeon Champions. I found 3 files located in the /Addons folder: DungeonChampions.lua, Dungeo...
File: HearthHome Filter06/17/19
HHF UI Error
Posted By: Shadowshire
The following UI Error was displayed by the game client after the maintenance patch and game client update on 2019-06-17: user:/AddOns/HearthHomeFilter/HearthHomeFilter.lua:257: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/HearthHomeFilter/HearthHomeFilter.lua:257: in function 'findMavg' user:/AddOns/HearthHomeFilter/H...
File: WeaponCharger06/17/19
Weapon Charger .... How Often?
Posted By: Shadowshire
Does Weapon Charger wait until all of the charge on the weapon has been used, then recharges it? Also, I assume that it tracks and re-charges the weapon on the currently active Ability Bar. Is that correct?
File: Tamriel Trade Centre06/09/19
TTC 3.26.127 Logging-In
Posted By: Shadowshire
According to the Change Log: 1. Reworked login system to use user's default browser (external) instead of an outdated Internet Explorer(embedded) to comply with the latest security standard (https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-oauth-native-apps-03)Unfortunately, the default browser, Firefox 67.0, cannot run in the Sandboxie...
File: No, thank you!06/06/19
Group Area Messages
Posted By: Shadowshire
Garkin! Are you back to help us lowly peasants?! Haha. Firstly... and anyone can answer this question, if they know the answer... what are "group area messages"? The addon offers blocking options for them, but I honestly don't even know what they are. Sorry, I'm kind of new to ESO. Also, a tiny typo on the description page. The 6th...
File: World Map Wayshrines Controller05/27/19
The Map Symbols
Posted By: Shadowshire
Show or hide the Dungeon Wayshrines The symbols shown in the screenshots are for 12-player Trials. The Map display has an icon on the upper right which, when you click the Left Mouse Button on it, displays the Map symbols with a label for each one. You need to distinguish among Delves, Public Dungeons, 4-Player Dungeons, and Trials....
File: Autoloot Toggle05/25/19
Elsweyr & Update 22
Posted By: Shadowshire
Since I installed Update 22 to the Base Game (which was released to all players, simultaneously with the release of the Elsweyr chapter): When my character begins fishng and I toggle AutoLoot 'OFF' with the keybind the Loot Dialog is displayed for the next fish or other item "caught" but the Loot Dialog is not displayed for the nex...
File: Furniture Catalogue05/25/19
File Name Discrepancy
Posted By: Shadowshire
The version string in the file name of the downloaded .ZIP file does not match the version string shown on the ESOU AddOn Info tab for Furniture Catalogue: AddOn Tab: Version: 3.311111 .....ZIP File: FurnitureCatalogue-31111.zip Please advise as to how you want us to identify the version of the add-on. Thanks in advance. :)
File: Custom Quality Colors05/25/19
Re: compatibility with other add-ons
Posted By: Shadowshire
so usefull addon but non compatible with any other addons with tooltips sad must disable it for now Frankly, you must have found a compatibility problem with one or more specific add-ons which the game client loads when you log-in to play a character. You should disable all add-ons which modify item tooltips, reload the UI, and ch...
File: AwesomeGuildStore05/21/19
AGS 1.1.0 beta - Endless Loop
Posted By: Shadowshire
(1) I accidentally attempted to sell another Item in a Guild Store, after the allotted 30 slots were all filled. (2) A system message was displayed in the upper righthand corner of the HUD, accompanied by an audio "alert". (3) AGS displayed "Execute Activity" endlessly; nothing else happened. There was nothing that I could do to sto...
File: AwesomeGuildStore05/21/19
AGS 1.1.0 beta - Change log
Posted By: Shadowshire
Automatically open guild store on the sell tab when at a banker Thank-you.:) That is better than always opening with an automatic search -- which is one of the worst mistakes that the ZOS developers have made (and not one that they are likely to correct). Personally, I would like the initial tab displayed (when at a banker) to be...
File: CustomCompassPins05/20/19
Custom Compass Pins
Posted By: Shadowshire
Is Custom Compass Pins useable as a stand-alone add-on? If so, what are its features? You should add the new tag ##IsLibrary: true to the txt file as well so the ingame addon manager recognizes it as library. And somehow this lib is not found on Minion! Maybe change the category. Are you saying that you forgot to add that tag t...
File: FCO CraftFilter (Hide bank/hide inventory)05/19/19
FCO Craft Filter 0.2.2 - UI Error
Posted By: Shadowshire
user:/AddOns/FCOCraftFilter/FCOCraftFilter.lua:32: Cannot find a library instance of "LibLoadedAddons". stack traceback: user:/AddOns/RareFishTracker/libs/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibStub/LibStub.lua:29: in function 'LibStub:GetLibrary' |caaaaaa self = tbl, major = "LibLoadedAddons" |r user:/AddOns/FCOCraftFilter/FCOCraftFil...
File: Quality Sort05/07/19
Quality Sort 2.0.2 Options & Priorities
Posted By: Shadowshire
One of the two configuration options is to turn automatic sorting by "quality" off. However, the Priority feature has Quality as Priority 1, and that cannot be changed. So every UI that displays any item(s) will show them sorted by "quality" (by default, apparently, Legendary is at the top, followed by Epic, then Superior, Fine, a...
File: AwesomeGuildStore04/29/19
Re: Re: Re: Attention > Oversight in FAQ
Posted By: Shadowshire
In my experience, holding the left Ctrl key down does not work while it is bound to Sprint (that is its default keybind). The player must either hold down the right Ctrl key instead, or unbind Sprint from left Ctrl and bind it to some other key(s) instead. The way this is handled in the code has nothing to do with keybinds for the g...
File: AddonStub04/28/19
Is this
Posted By: Shadowshire
If this is a "library" that is used by any add-ons, then it must have the name LibAddonStub. :rolleyes: If add-on developers cannot get their system straight about this, then the wise ones will return to including all of the "libraries" which their specific add-on uses as sub-folders of the folder in which their specific add-on is s...
File: Journal Quest Log04/25/19
.... Harven's quest journal documen...
Posted By: Shadowshire
.... Harven's quest journal documentation works by recording and storing all journal entries when they first appear in-game, by copying them out to a separate file - most of this info isn't available in the API, so would either have to be hard-coded or saved on-the-fly like Harven's. Since we therefore can't improve on what Harven's...
File: AwesomeGuildStore04/17/19
Re: Attention > Oversight in FAQ
Posted By: Shadowshire
Q: How can I select multiple buttons on a filter? A: Holding the ctrl key while clicking the buttons will allow you to select or deselect more than one. In my experience, holding the left Ctrl key down does not work while it is bound to Sprint (that is its default keybind). The player must either hold down the right Ctrl key instead...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre04/13/19
TTC Add-on 3.22.837 UI Error
Posted By: Shadowshire
Context is opening Guild Store UI via a Banker, with Awesome Guild Store 1.0.2 beta Listings feature previously selected, thus shown: https://imgur.com/a/UZDa3Jh Has happened only one time, so I don't know why it has not re-occurred. It might occur only on one of the 4 characters which I actively play. They aren't all loaded with t...