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File: Quest Map09/11/15
Error in Glenumbra and Greenshade
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Error in Glenumbra and Greenshade bad argument #1 to 'next' (table/struct expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'next' user:/AddOns/QuestMap/Main.lua:71: in function 'isEmpty' user:/AddOns/QuestMap/Main.lua:159: in function 'MapCallbackQuestPins' user:/AddOns/QuestMap/Main.lua:316: in function 'callback' user:...
File: AlphaGear09/07/15
@ForgottenLight: See answer to Rand...
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@ForgottenLight: See answer to Randactyl. Why you want to disable the whole AlphaTool? Then dont use it ;) or do you mean my old AlphaTools? This is not longer supported and should be deleted. I have a lot of characters. I often relogin my character. Every time when I login a character, displays a window with a lot of empty square...
File: AlphaGear09/03/15
Problem with Ice Staff
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Many thanks for this useful addon! I have a problem. Some destruction staff skills (eg Elemental Blockade, Elemental Ring) non put on skill button in AlphaGear Skill-section by Shift+click. Don't put if equipped Ice Staff. If I change the staff into a sword that put ok. I think this happens due to the fact that the Ice Staff chang...
File: Shissu's Guild Tools08/22/15
Thanks for this addon! In file \...
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Thanks for this addon! In file \ShissuGuildTools\i18n\EN.lua line 237-240 - non english. After open Guild Window \ History i got an error in file \ShissuGuildTools\Tools\History.lua line 122 - parameter 1 is nil. I change code if not string.find(data.param1, "|H1") then to code if data.param1 ~= nil and not st...
File: Destinations06/03/15
file is missing
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In Destinations_1.6.28.zip: file \Destinations\Languages\Destinations-ru.lua is missing file \Destinations\Languages\Destinations-en - Copy (2).lua is present Forgot renamed?
File: AUI - Advanced UI06/01/15
Found a error
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File: \AUI\L10n\ru.lua line 155 AUI.L10n.Attributes.Group = 1 "pa (Pe)" need replace to AUI.L10n.Attributes.Group = "pa (Pe)"