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File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker07/14/17
Is it a known issue that the quest...
Posted By: Zagadka
Is it a known issue that the quest zones expand randomly/when zoning? I minimize things like Main Quest and Crafting, but they regularly expand.
File: NoFade06/26/17
This actually still works, though p...
Posted By: Zagadka
This actually still works, though probably best to move to Wyk's framework
File: Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)06/26/17
Don't know if I'm being dumb, but w...
Posted By: Zagadka
Don't know if I'm being dumb, but where is an option to disable the default loot window, which tends to obscure LootDrop... can't find it in either the game's settings or the addon's. Cheers
File: Greymind Quick Slot Bar05/04/14
Any way to disable the bar during c...
Posted By: Zagadka
Any way to disable the bar during conversation? It kinda gets in the way when everything else is faded out
File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker04/20/14
Full list
Posted By: Zagadka
Odd bug cropped up; I happen to have gathered a tremendous number of open quests, and as soon as the list reached the bottom of my screen, the quest tracker bugged out and moved to the bottom (as in, the drag bar went to the bottom of the screen and the quest tracker itself went below that, obviously off the screen). Manually moving...
File: Exterminatus Rainbow Reticle04/18/14
Posted By: Zagadka
Could we see a feature with changes to text size and font? Or putting a larger visible health bar up with the percent?
File: Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)04/18/14
Not showing up as addon?
Posted By: Zagadka
This worked until a few hours ago. I've tried installing this from ESOUI and Minion, but the addon doesn't show up in the addons list (and obviously not in game or in the settings)... I updated a large number of mods, so I'm not sure exactly what tweaked it...
File: Multi-Quest Tracker04/13/14
Quest levels
Posted By: Zagadka
Quick request... can you add a toggle to show quest levels next to the quest name?
File: Multi-Quest Tracker04/01/14
Very good fix for a horrible design...
Posted By: Zagadka
Very good fix for a horrible design oversight (even if they were trying to keep the Elder Scrolls UI the same, they could have at least given options). Aside from the script errors, I have noticed that there is a significant performance decrease.