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File: Map Pins12/18/21
Hi! Do you think you could add a...
Posted By: HowellQagan
Hi! Do you think you could add a small pin to the hidden entrance to Blackreach: Mzark Cavern? It's at eastmarch_base={{.3016,.3029,0}}, in the inn called Grinning Horker (unmarked on map), entered from the basement through a secret entrance in a wardrobe. Other entrances in Western Skyrim and The Reach are lifts and use /eso...
File: FCO Mounty12/16/21
Re: Requires newer library
Posted By: HowellQagan
I have latest 7.5 Libzone installed, but FCMounty won't run because it needs newer :confused: EDIT: I think this is the culprit in FCMounty.txt ## DependsOn: LibAddonMenu-2.0>=32 LibZone>=076 changing it to 75 makes it work again :) Was about to come and say this. Heh.
File: FCO Mounty12/13/21
Got this error when I try to set a...
Posted By: HowellQagan
Got this error when I try to set a mount to -ALL- in an automatically detected zone, such as Fargrave. Funnily enough if I set it via the collectibles with the new setting, it saves it properly to -ALL-. user:/AddOns/FCOMounty/src/FCOM_settingsMenu.lua:311: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/FCOMounty/...
File: Magic Carpet12/13/21
For whatever reason Ln111 in Engine...
Posted By: HowellQagan
For whatever reason Ln111 in Engine.lua local MESSAGE = "|acJump to begin flying...\n|r" keeps printing hacJump to begin flying... hr to the system channel instead of what's actually in there. Really weird.
File: Clock - Tamriel Standard Time12/12/21
When posting errors please include...
Posted By: HowellQagan
When posting errors please include the text string you use for the date display from Settings -> Addons -> ClockTST -> Look Options. This will help narrow down the source along with the LUA errors themselves. Investigating... Damn, it was in my mind to include it when I was looking at the errors but completely forgot when I was wr...
File: Clock - Tamriel Standard Time12/11/21
Uh oh
Posted By: HowellQagan
With the latest version as the time just passed 23:59:59, it started dropping a lua error on every second, for every clock update and the clock didn't progress past, something like this: user:/AddOns/ClockTST/Lib/Feature/Time/Time.lua:312: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/ClockTST/Lib/Feature/Time/Tim...
File: LovelyEmotes12/11/21
Still in love with this addon, I 'h...
Posted By: HowellQagan
Still in love with this addon, I 'hacked' in 2 additional pages for myself :D Had to increase width too.
File: pChat (Chat customization & help: look/notification/sound/automation/history)11/23/21
Hi, I've noticed the name format...
Posted By: HowellQagan
Hi, I've noticed the name format setting is duplicated for guilds. Is this on purpose? One is under Message settings > Name in messages > Guild tweaks. The other is under Chat channels > Guild Tweaks. Changing one changes the other so I guess there is no harm, I'm just curious.
File: MailR - Revised11/22/21
I can't think of what other mods mi...
Posted By: HowellQagan
I can't think of what other mods might attempt to alter related to mail that would cause the issue. Crown Crate Logger sends crown crate loot info for statistics aggregation via ingame mail, so that could cause this issue. Only thing is, I use both MailR and CCL and I never got this error message.
File: FCO ChangeStuff11/05/21
Thanks, I'll give it a try. Sounds...
Posted By: HowellQagan
Thanks, I'll give it a try. Sounds good but there are other "block interaction" addons already out there where you should please ask for the feature at first: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1623-NoInteract.html If they do not want to add it come back and I can have a look, though it might need some time ;) Hey, I had...
File: No Interact11/05/21
Hi! Do you think you could add b...
Posted By: HowellQagan
Hi! Do you think you could add blocking the fishing hole interaction when the player's inventory is full? This would prevent awkard situations where players catch a rare achievement fish and have no space to loot it.
File: FCO ChangeStuff11/04/21
Hey, I had an idea for a functio...
Posted By: HowellQagan
Hey, I had an idea for a function but it's definitely not something that's worth its own addon. Not sure if it's possible to do this but do you think the fishing interaction prompt could be blocked if the player's inventory was full? This would prevent cases where people start fishing only to catch a rare fish they need for the...
File: Azurah - Interface Enhanced11/01/21
U32 - Action Bar - Hide Keybind Text
Posted By: HowellQagan
Hey. Something weird's happening in U32, if you have Hide Keybind Text ON and switch to gamepad mode, and then use sprint or swap weapons OR switch back to keyboard and sprint or swap weapons the keybind text comes back. Sometimes it disappears once again, even without reloadui, though I couldn't figure out yet how. Modifying some...
File: Display Leads - with Location Info11/01/21
Debug text
Posted By: HowellQagan
Hi, Not sure if this was left there on purpose or not, but Ln632-634 if i >= RDL.LATESTDLC_FIRSTANTIQUITY then -- debug out for new antiquities on pts-- d(string.format("%i, %s, %s, %i, %s", i, aname, azone, setid, setname)) end keep sending this to chat (on U32 live) every time I open the addon window: 416, An...
File: EZReport11/01/21
Deadlands bug
Posted By: HowellQagan
Hi. After U32 went live, opening Mails or Guild History locks the UI, can't even check the error message. Opening the menu and trying to select Settings or Addons or anything gives this error message. user:/AddOns/EZReport/bin/EZUtility.lua:215: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/EZReport/bin/EZUt...
File: FCO ChangeStuff10/18/21
Posted By: HowellQagan
So yeah, LibLoadedAddons is in the DependsOn tag in the txt. :rolleyes: Can it be removed from there or is it not actually using it anymore?
File: Map Pins09/28/21
Re: Re: Re: Re: Lost in the Wilds third target location (for pin)
Posted By: HowellQagan
perhaps the achievement has already been received or the filter is disabled Neither, I just finished this now and it wasn't showing before, the other markers in the Blackwood category were there, and even the marker for the message within this achievement. Whatevs.
File: Map Pins09/28/21
Re: Re: Lost in the Wilds third target location (for pin)
Posted By: HowellQagan
each npc has 3 marks of this achievement, they are all added now https://i.ibb.co/n6x1Mtr/lostw.png That's odd, they don't show up for me in version 1.77.
File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker09/27/21
Grothdarr + Elf Bane
Posted By: HowellQagan
Elf Bane extends the duration of Grothdarr to 10 secs which is the same as the cooldown. Somehow, sometimes it desyncs in combat and then it starts the 10 sec cooldown counter when it ends but by then it's already read to trigger again, since the duration = cooldown. Hence it's a very minor issue but still just letting you know that...
File: Map Pins09/27/21
Lost in the Wilds third target location (for pin)
Posted By: HowellQagan
Binghim the Quick apparently can have multiple locations, I found them around: blackwood_base={{.7372,.8079,3083}} Other locations shown here: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/comment/7275286/#Comment_7275286
File: Action Duration Reminder09/26/21
Re: Re: Re: Betty Netch Tracker
Posted By: HowellQagan
If the problem is difficult to be reproduced, you can also upload the relevant record using the tool from esologs.com and send me the link. I played a bit around and was constantly watching the skill countdown, it seems to be happening when I'm fighting bosses. If I fight a "dangerous enemy" (ZOS definition for enemies with differ...
File: Custom Item Notes09/26/21
Hey there! Glad the AddOn helps!...
Posted By: HowellQagan
Hey there! Glad the AddOn helps! I'll take a look into it and see what I can do. :) Thank you <3
File: Action Duration Reminder09/22/21
Re: Betty Netch Tracker
Posted By: HowellQagan
Hey! I've noticed something similar but with Elf Bane. It extends the duration of flame dots and it sometimes shows the default duration for Unstable Wall of Elements. I use Srendarr too which shows the extended duration, that's how I noticed it. But strangely it doesn't always happen, sometimes ADR counts down from the correct ex...
File: Custom Item Notes09/21/21
Great addon, just what I was lookin...
Posted By: HowellQagan
Great addon, just what I was looking for. Thank you. Not sure how formatting elements works in LUA but from a UX perspective I would suggest setting the size of notes with a max width value and otherwise use only as much space as necessary for the note (with a comfortable padding around the text of course). For example, the new Le...
File: NTak Loot'n'Steal09/01/21
I use Collection Bars to quickly un...
Posted By: HowellQagan
I use Collection Bars to quickly unsummon him when I do stuff he doesn't like. Even better than automatic tbh. Hola NTak, It's really time to update the add-on to either prevent stealing when Bastian is out, or unsummon him when trying to steal ;) (I think I lost over a thousand rapport with him because of compulsive steal...