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File: Combat Metrics05/09/18
Posted By: bildr
I don't know why, but my parse window ( /cmx ) isn't working. I can see my DPS in the chat windows and paste it there, but the full windows doesn'T show anything?!
File: Crafting Preview02/12/18
Received an update earlier. Doesn't...
Posted By: bildr
Received an update earlier. Doesn't bug anymore bug it doesn't work with the controllerUI anymore :(
File: Crafting Preview02/12/18
Since the update today it glitches...
Posted By: bildr
Since the update today it glitches the game when I use the outfit station in contollerUI mode :( http://i67.tinypic.com/ml05d4.png
File: AutoInvite11/07/17
controller ui
Posted By: bildr
Great mod, but why not putting the option available in the addons setting because I can't access it when I use my controller, unlesss I temporarily disable the controller ui to set it, which is a little annoying.
File: SkyShards11/02/17
Map incomplete?
Posted By: bildr
Is the map incomplete or buggy? I was just skyshard hunting in Alik'r, it says 2/3 found, but I don't see any other skyshard on the map !?!?
File: AUI - Advanced UI11/01/17
The fix: Locate where is your Ad...
Posted By: bildr
The fix: Locate where is your AddOns folder, on Windows it is: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns There locate the folder AUI, open: AUI\modules\minimap\Pin.lua Then download this file: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/kkszysiu/688c8762782f2f380d2dbd9e4d579a81/raw/292d20b2b12d6ced5abf9009fe9c94...
File: AUI - Advanced UI10/27/17
Since the last update, the minimap...
Posted By: bildr
Since the last update, the minimap portion of AUI is kinda broken. It works, but some points in the map either won't show or shows only sometimes!
File: LoreBooks10/23/17
Posted By: bildr
Great addon, but, why sometimes I can see 2~3 book close and when I read one the others close all disappear?
File: Plunder Skull Timer (2018 Witches Festival)10/21/17
Posted By: bildr
Great addon to grind plunder skulls! But, sometimes, it doesn't work in Cyrrodill :confused:
File: Destinations10/21/17
grat addon
Posted By: bildr
I love it, but, bosses location won't show in delves/dungeons!? Am I missing a setting !?
File: BetterUI :: Gamepad Interface Improvements08/28/17
Seems there's another issue when tr...
Posted By: bildr
Seems there's another issue when trying to link items in chat. EsoUI/Ingame/ChatSystem/SharedChatSystem.lua:1817: Attempt to access a private function 'SendChatMessage' from insecure code. The callstack became untrusted 4 stack frame(s) from the top. stack traceback: EsoUI/Ingame/ChatSystem/SharedChatSystem.lua:1817: in func...
File: AUI - Advanced UI08/27/17
health/stamina/magika bar problem
Posted By: bildr
So, since today i've realised a problem with my health/stamina/magika bar. The magicka one is not on the same line than the other, but in the options if I click to move it, it won't let me!!!!!
File: Advanced Disable Controller UI07/06/17
Posted By: bildr
It's a great mod, but it would be great if to see the controller buttons actions when you run around. Seeing "Press E" when you run around with the controller is confusing.
File: BetterUI :: Gamepad Interface Improvements06/27/17
Addon out of date
Posted By: bildr
Really hope that it will be updated or incorporated into another mod by someone else, because it's full of bug and not working correctly now. Sad, I loved the better controller UI :(