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File: Essential Housing Tools06/05/21
EHT having issues
Posted By: thatlaurachick
user:/AddOns/EssentialHousingTools/ui.lua:4452: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/EssentialHousingTools/ui.lua:4452: in function 'EHT.UI.ShowFeedback' ui = {}, to = "@Cardinal05", subject = "Essential Housing Tools Feedba..." user:/AddOns/EssentialHousingTools/ui.lua:10472: in function...
File: ExoYs ProcSet Timer04/25/21
Gamepad UI issue
Posted By: thatlaurachick
First, I love Proc Set Timer, but I do have an issue the recent fixes have not resolved: when equipping a new set or changing characters, the countdown often does not display at all, or is back in it's original location, not where I moved it. I do end-game PvE content, so I do switch sets often, and without time to reloadui, take...
File: HarvestMap04/11/21
How do I turn off the 3d pins for '...
Posted By: thatlaurachick
How do I turn off the 3d pins for 'Fishing Spots'? Edit, nevermind, just turn them off using the main map filters. ah yeah, found it in the Filter main menu.
File: HarvestMap04/11/21
Turn "off" 3D pins not working
Posted By: thatlaurachick
How do I turn off the 3d pins for 'Fishing Spots'? I also have fishing 3D fishing pins set to OFF and they are still displaying. Re-toggling the switch does not turn them off. I also have the "hide harvested" filters OFF.
File: ChampionPointsSlots03/22/21
Re: Re: LUA Errors with gamepad UI
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Are you commiting CP outside the addon with gamepad UI? Yes, because slottable changes aren't saved in the CP Slots UI.
File: ChampionPointsSlots03/21/21
LUA Errors with gamepad UI
Posted By: thatlaurachick
When CP Slots is enabled something is triggering a LOT of LUA errors - it's either the "commit" in the gamepad ui, or when exiting the Champion Points screen in gamepad ui. Every time the main UI has crashed with 75-100 error pending, but because the UI is fully crashed I can't look at them to see what's wrong. Update: This appe...
File: ChampionPointsSlots03/08/21
Re: Re: CP Slots being update for U29?
Posted By: thatlaurachick
I will draw out a design and see how long it will take, and post updates as I work on it. If I decide not to after drawing it out for whatever reason, I will post that here as well. Thank you for the update. Yes, it is a substantial change. As a higher CP player, I was hoping for at least something to manage slottable stars, but a...
File: Auto Guild Welcome03/05/21
Edits for no LibStub
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Since LibStub has been deprecated for over a year, here is how to make AutoGuildInvite work without LibStub. In AutoGuildWelcome.Txt change: ## DependsOn: LibAddonMenu-2.0 LibSavedVars LibStub to ## DependsOn: LibAddonMenu-2.0 LibSavedVars In AutoGuildWelcome.LUA change: local LAM = LibAddonMenu2 if LAM == nil and LibS...
File: Postmaster Mail02/18/21
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Yes, gamepadui has to toggle UI's constantly - any extra information (like Postmaster's keybinds) is not visible or usable in gamepadui. Thanks, @Sidrinius and @thatlaurachick. I was able to reproduce the issue by putting the game into Gamepad Mode: Automatic, opening the keyboard version of mail with ', and then hitting the...
File: Postmaster Mail02/17/21
LUA errors on "take all"
Posted By: thatlaurachick
user:/AddOns/Postmaster/Postmaster.lua:434: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/Postmaster/Postmaster.lua:434: in function 'Postmaster.GetMailData' user:/AddOns/Postmaster/Postmaster.lua:946: in function 'Postmaster:TakeAllGetNext' |caaaaaa self = {taking = F, version = "3.13.0", takingAll = F, auth...
File: ChampionPointsSlots02/14/21
CP Slots being update for U29?
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Hi, I cannot live without CP Slots. Please please tell me you plan to update it for U29 and the new CP system? Not asking for a day 0 release, but just so I know it's coming. Also, trial presets for vKA would be peachy. <3
File: Medusa - OUTDATED12/14/20
Re: Errors on lodaing
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Ah, finally got it! LibSTub Reference. LibStub has been deprecated! The fix is to change: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Libraries -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local LAM2 = LibStub:GetL...
File: Medusa - OUTDATED12/10/20
Errors on lodaing
Posted By: thatlaurachick
I'm not a LUA programmer so I'm not sure what the issue is with this array, and I don't see any obvious issues (punctuation, spacing etc). Medusa is loading... but there are no settings and the display bars are just permanently on my screen. :( Would really like to use this since Open Glaza just doesn't work, and doesn't even throw e...
File: Master Merchant 3.012/07/20
Thanks for gamepadui fix
Posted By: thatlaurachick
I have to post in keyboard mode because of AGS, but thank you for a fix. Gamepad use is not "so low" anymore. Lots of console players have switched to PC, but continue to use controllers. Stadia users also are using controllers. I use a controller because of physical limitations, so I really appreciate addon devs who don't use say...
File: Display Leads - with Location Info11/25/20
Or perhaps UI scaling. Not sure if...
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Or perhaps UI scaling. Not sure if that would affect UI generated by addons. Can see it at 720p as well. Maybe another Addon that changes default size of DropDown Menu Text? Really not much I can do as I can't reproduce it. Hi! Finally checked back - I think it's the gamepad ui mode. I can't scroll up the list at all, and...
File: Display Leads - with Location Info11/09/20
HI there, I love Display Leads, tha...
Posted By: thatlaurachick
HI there, I love Display Leads, thank you so much! What happened to the "all zones" filter for leads? The highest level I can see is "exclude minor DLC. Well, a lot of leads I have ARE for minor DLC! It's a pain to individually click them all to see what I have. "All zones" was my general setting and I cannot access it anymore....
File: HarvestMap11/09/20
Just reporting that 3D pins work in blackreach!
Posted By: thatlaurachick
File: Essential Housing Tools09/26/20
Thanks to StabbityDoom for assuring...
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Thanks to StabbityDoom for assuring that players get screwed over by ZOS faulty housing permissions! Cardi - I love you, but did you even consider that if housing permissions get changed (by the game!) then our homes go POOF from Community? Or is this just a way to make sure Stabby can't see home she can't visit? I didn't think...
File: Master Merchant08/24/20
Using 2.4.7 indefinitely
Posted By: thatlaurachick
After missing 2900 sales from my primary trade guild with 2.4.8, and upon hearing how people have lost their entire history with mm clean in 2.4.9, I have reverted to 2.4.7 indefinitely. I'm encouraging Sharlikan to revert his changes until he better understands MM. If this addon fails trade will STOP in the major guilds. I may no...
File: Master Merchant08/23/20
Re: Re: Re: Re: Ui Errror
Posted By: thatlaurachick
I am getting this error as well, and cannot load any data. I manually loaded 24 hours of sales history to trigger a guild event, and LUA error crashes everything.I scanned 10 days of data twice yesterday. I do not wish to cause anyone any issue but what happens if you backup your SavedVariables and start with new files. Because I can...
File: Master Merchant08/23/20
Re: Re: Ui Errror
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Just FYI, I get this error message when trying to list item info in MM: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant_UI.lua:740: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant_UI.lua:740: in function 'MMScrollList:FilterScrollList' EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_SortFilterList/ZO_SortFilterList.lua:138...
File: WritWorthy07/24/20
Hi. I started seeing a bunch of ove...
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Hi. I started seeing a bunch of overlapping icons in the upper left corner of the screen. One seemed to indicate WW, though it kind of looked like multiple addons. (Maybe Item Set Browser?) Checked settings for both, but none seemed to imply putting something like this up on the HUD. Disabled WW and now they've gone away. Does anyb...
File: WritWorthy07/23/20
Bug in case any new dev picks up
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Sadly, there is a bug where if you are selecting writs to craft based on cost per vouchers, then delete the master writs for the over cost, refreshed and just hit Enqueue all - the over cost writ items are still crafted! And no one buys gold glyphs of prismatic onslaught! :( So just a warning, even if the writ is NOT shown, if...
File: Bandits User Interface07/07/20
Issues with group frame and counters
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Hi - I scrolled back a bit and didn't see these issues, so apologies if they're known bugs. Recently the Group Frame is being reset randomly: when a group forms the frame is centered on the screen, despite my having moved it to the upper left hand corner... repeatedly. Really annoying when you port into a dungeon or cyro and have...
File: CraftStore Deadlands11/27/19
Bug in Naga Shaman Wayshrine
Posted By: thatlaurachick
Really nit picky but Naga Shaman wayshrine is set to BRP when it should be Dead Water. :) Might of the Lost Legion is at BRP wayshrine.