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File: AUI - Advanced UI10/27/17
Re: Groups only
Posted By: MrDirtt
From my experience, what I have seen is that when solo, AUI is fine, no errors. It's only when in a group that it is an issue. The easiest fix temporarily is if you plan on getting in a group, go to Settings->Addons->AUI (Module Management), and turn off the minimap portion before getting in a group, which will do an automatic Relo...
File: AUI - Advanced UI10/25/17
May have this useable...but not fixed
Posted By: MrDirtt
Has anyone just tried disabling the minimap portion of AUI? I did this earlier today and have not gotten any errors so far. Have not had a chance to join a large group yet but it had no issues in a 4 man group. I did reinstall the add-on just in case and then disabled the minimap potion in module management. I will report back i...
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin10/24/17
Do not make the mistake I made =)
Posted By: MrDirtt
The latest update was in 2016! Not 2017...it just happens to be the same month and day....of last year =) AUI has now stopped working and was looking for a replacement minimap but this one is way out of date. Ended up going with Voltans as it still works.