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File: HarvestMap11/05/17
Thanks a lot for describing the sol...
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Thanks a lot for describing the solution. I wasn't aware that the addon is be able to load, if it is placed in a subfolder. I updated the addon and it will now check, if it was installed correctly. @erosthegod7: I think this could also be the cause for your issue. BY THE DIVINES YOUVE DONE IT!!!!!! seriously you just saved m...
File: HarvestMap11/02/17
There are no HarvestAD, HarvestDLC...
Posted By: erosthegod7
There are no HarvestAD, HarvestDLC ect folder anymore. What is refusing to work? Does the addon not appear on the addon list? Does it not display any nodes? What happens if you harvest something? ok so I uninstalled eso and then reinstalled just readded harvest map and when I go to harvest something the 3d pin doesn't appear like...
File: SkyShards11/02/17
dunno if its just me or
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seriously I totally suck at mods and add ons but ive gotten all my addons to work even lorebooks but this one refuses to co operate with me.... :? its November 2nd 2017 and I literally just redownloaded eso
File: HarvestMap11/01/17
Cannot for the life of me get this working again
Posted By: erosthegod7
so I love this add on and I went a few months not playing eso and just hopped on for the witches festival to power level my level 7. welp my addons were all fucked and I tried fixing them by deleting all of them and starting from scratch. this seems to be the only add on that just refuses to work and I have boiled it down to there no...