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File: SkyShards01/10/18
Re: fixed
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Brand new here, but since I had this same problem (Windows 10 for what it's worth), I thought I would share. It turned out that I just screwed up how I extracted the file, adding one extra level of nesting than necessary so that I had "(blahblah)\AddOns\SkyShards - 8\SkyShards" instead of just "(blahblah)\AddOns\SkyShards", if th...
File: SkyShards11/30/17
Re: Re: Re: Re: No icon?
Posted By: Stiggles
So scrolling through the map I can see the description of each shard but there is no icon, making it difficult to find a lot of them. I've gone through all my settings and see nothing wrong and have re-installed a few times so I'm lost. Please help. Hey man, that's the exact same issue I'm having. It has to be a bug in this add-on...