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File: AwesomeGuildStore05/20/19
Re: Help for the Community
Posted By: sirinsidiator
If the Mod Author disagrees with this he may remove this message and that will be that. It pretty much defeats the purpose of moving the libraries out, but I won't mind it for now as long as you keep it updated. However, once I finished Minion 4 you should take it down, as it won't be necessary any more.
File: AwesomeGuildStore05/20/19
Re: Removed Libraries?
Posted By: sirinsidiator
Wonder how many will be scratching their heads, I know I did for a moment but am now installing each lib. May I ask the reasoning behind this? Was it just too much of a pain to re-add everything in atm? By now people should be used to that, since many other addons have already taken this step. Going forward, I won't bundle libraries...
File: LibSlashCommander05/20/19
Re: LIbstub embedded version 4
Posted By: sirinsidiator
The libstub library embedded with this lib package is version 4, should it be the last version 5 or no problem ? There is no difference between LibStub r4 and r5. The version increment was only for the standalone package, so it doesn't matter which one is embedded.
File: AwesomeGuildStore05/19/19
addon not ready for Elsweyr be awa...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
addon not ready for Elsweyr be aware guys errors on the PTS The addon is ready. I just didn't bother making it compatible with both live and pts. I will upload the new version tomorrow after I did a quick test on the live server. ;)
File: LibSlashCommander05/19/19
Re: even with out of date addon checked, this library would not load
Posted By: sirinsidiator
Even with the out of date checked, to be able to use the addon Beammeup, i had to force update api on this library and the one called https://www.esoui.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=2171#comments Do i need to do more ? Did you by chance install it while the game was running? I remember someone else having a similar problem wi...
File: LibAddonMenu05/17/19
I reported it in the Potion Maker a...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
I reported it in the Potion Maker addon (for Alchemy Crafting) and I wrote a quote to: "That is something between" Notebooks "and LAM rev.29. Not PotionMaker. Please report this to LibAddonMenu." so I also report here This error indicates that the GUI control for the settings panel could not be created. Don't think this is caused...
File: LibAddonMenu05/02/19
=( all my votan addons don't work a...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
=( all my votan addons don't work anymore.. i get LAM2 chat spam.... is there a fix?! The LAM chat message is purely informational and doesn't change how addons operate. If your addons stopped working, it is likely caused by something else. The chat messages will go away once authors have updated their addons to no longer set hand...
File: LibAddonMenu05/02/19
@Tonyleila the message shows the pa...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
@Tonyleila the message shows the panel name, but if an author didn't give it a proper name it may be a bit hard to discern which addon is responsible. @Phuein the wiki is way out of date and could use an update ;)
File: LibAddonMenu04/21/19
Re: Re: Re: colorpicker in gamepad mode
Posted By: sirinsidiator
This issue got probably lost. I would appreciate if you could include it in an upcoming bugfix release. Many Thanks, Gandalf Sorry about that. I created a ticket for it so it won't get lost again, but as you can read there LAM doesn't support gamepad mode right now - it was made before it even existed. Not sure if it will be e...
File: AwesomeGuildStore04/18/19
Re: Re: Attention > Oversight in FAQ
Posted By: sirinsidiator
In my experience, holding the left Ctrl key down does not work while it is bound to Sprint (that is its default keybind). The player must either hold down the right Ctrl key instead, or unbind Sprint from left Ctrl and bind it to some other key(s) instead. The way this is handled in the code has nothing to do with keybinds for the g...
File: AwesomeGuildStore04/14/19
Posted By: sirinsidiator
Please consider the following points before posting a comment: Make sure you are using the latest version of AwesomeGuildStore and other addons Read the FAQ on the "Addon Info" tab and the known issue list on the "Change Log" tab (don't expect an answer otherwise) When reporting a problem, please include as many details as pos...
File: AwesomeGuildStore04/08/19
@BSKCorp It would take quite some w...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
@BSKCorp It would take quite some work. Maybe one day I'll extract the activity queue and log into a library that can be reused, but first I need to finish it. :D @Shadowshire The FAQ and known issues are on the Info and Changelog tab. Writing a comment before reading those two tabs is like complaining that you cannot use some dev...
File: LibAddonMenu04/07/19
The new version is basically finish...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
The new version is basically finished. Just needs a bit more testing and I'm also waiting to see if anyone wants to contribute some translations. I plan to upload it once the PTS for Elsweyr arrives.
File: AwesomeGuildStore04/07/19
The item preview is in the list of...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
The item preview is in the list of known issue. The bad news is, it's not something I can fix on my end. I tried to create a workaround, but it would trigger a lot of server requests, which could potentially cause problems for everyone. That's why I won't release that, but I also have good news. ZOS is considering handling the proble...
File: ChatLogger04/07/19
The addon is working fine. Did you...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
The addon is working fine. Did you try the usual steps like reinstalling it or disabling all other addons, or at least the ones you installed or updated after it stopped working?
File: Undaunted Daily04/05/19
Re: Re: Re: Wrathstone
Posted By: sirinsidiator
Hi any chance of getting this updated for the new dlc rotation ? I do use WPamA but like this one too for the commands. Okay. I've gone through the whole cycle this time. Here's the new code. You can copy and paste the whole thing to replace the contents of StartUp.lua, or just replace the highlighted lines: Are you sure tha...
File: AwesomeGuildStore03/19/19
@Akopian Atrebates: Thanks. I'll ha...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
@Akopian Atrebates: Thanks. I'll have a look at that. @Marazota: I don't think he was talking about you. ;)
File: AwesomeGuildStore03/17/19
Re: Wow.. This bloaded addon is useless.
Posted By: sirinsidiator
If I see another queued message I'm going to vomit. I cant get anything done with this bloated addon. Your comment is not very informative, constructive or nice. Maybe you could explain what exactly is causing you a problem so I can actually try to do something about it and improve the addon?
File: LibDebugLogger03/16/19
Thanks to everyone who sent in thei...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
Thanks to everyone who sent in their files I was able to identify the problem. Turned out that it is caused by other addons that throw a large number of errors and fill up the LibDebugLogger saved variables until the game can no longer load it. I have updated LibDebugLogger so it keeps its log at a manageable size during the session...
File: BugCatcher03/16/19
BugCatcher is throwing the followin...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
BugCatcher is throwing the following error several times per frame for some users: user:/AddOns/BugCatcher/Components/Core/Core.lua:188: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/BugCatcher/Components/Core/Core.lua:188: in function 'bugCatcherAddon.errorHandler' _ = 65540, errorString = \"user:/AddOns/Bu...
File: AwesomeGuildStore03/16/19
Re: LibDebugLogger
Posted By: sirinsidiator
When you cannot log in due to LibDebugLogger, please send me your LibDebugLogger saved variables before deleting it, so I can figure out why it keeps happening to some people. That's the only way how I can resolve this problem permanently. my LibDebugLogger saved variables: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M4w3Cj3B8G60eo84HrwcRejJ...
File: LibAddonMenu03/15/19
I am working on an update which inc...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
I am working on an update which includes some bug fixes and new features, but I'm also busy with other addons. Until I finished, please just check the "Allow out of date addons" checkbox in the addon menu, like every other addon user. It is not some evil checkbox that will break your game and all it does is disable the comparison b...
File: Medic - UI Fixes03/14/19
Re: What seperate libraries need to be installed
Posted By: sirinsidiator
I found LibStub, but I'm not sure about what LAM! is. LAM is LibAddonMenu. I've updated the changelog and description with your suggestion.
File: AwesomeGuildStore03/13/19
When you cannot log in due to LibDe...
Posted By: sirinsidiator
When you cannot log in due to LibDebugLogger, please send me your LibDebugLogger saved variables before deleting it, so I can figure out why it keeps happening to some people. That's the only way how I can resolve this problem permanently.
File: LibDebugLogger03/11/19
Re: Not working for me
Posted By: sirinsidiator
Have you tried to remove the LibDebugLogger.lua from your Saved Variables folder? Does it work then? Otherwise I need more information. More specifically the operating system you are using and any errors or other unusual entries in the interface.log file in live/Logs.