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Why is it asking me to donate when I download?
Authors spend countless hours developing, debugging, and supporting their addons. ESOUI supports these authors' contributions to the community, and has provided them with a visible way to receive some form of benefit for these contributions. In no way should you feel pressured to donate to an author, however, should you wish to show your support for the time which they have invested, feel free to do so. If you do not wish to view these donation messages, see the "How can I disable the donation notice overlays when I download?" section below.

How can I disable the donation notice overlays when I download?
In the lower right hand corner of the donation notice overlay is a link [Disable this notice]. Click that and your browser will be sent a cookie that tells our site to stop showing these donation notices. Any time you clear your browser cookies or use a different browser you will need to disable them again.

I want to re-enable the donation notice overlays, how can I do that?
The simple way is to follow this link and it will re-enable them:
Re-Enable Donation Notices

Another way would be to delete the Esoui cookie named donation_overlay