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RavenSaint 01/27/20 02:08 PM

Minion launches into Background processes only
I downloaded Minon today and have uninstalled, installed, admin start, used 64 and 32. Changed compatibilities from Win10 64 pro all the way down to Win 95 to try to have Minion open up so I could use it.

Not seeing any way to fix this and I'd prefer a working version of minion, but I might end up seeing if I can find another addon manager that is compatible. I had problems before when I tried minion with World of Warcraft. I had hoped some of those had been fixed. Minion has not made a log, dat, or error file to attach to this forum post. I looked for it.

I'm currently just manually adding addons, but it is hard with a lot of libs not being available anymore (assuming. Like LibAlchemyStation.)

Thank you. I do hope that there will be a fix that stablizes the program and has it work just as well as the older Curse (now Twitch) Addon manager.

Baertram 01/28/20 09:37 AM

Check the following folder for a Minion.xml file and rename it.
Also check if there is a Minion.log file and maybe post it here to see where it blocks.

C:\users\your windows user name\documents\.minion

Normally if it is not shown the network is somehow blocking Minion, or your antivirus does.
Try to enable/whitelist Minion in your Antivirus and Windows Defender, Windows Firewall or other firewall software you are using.

And: Some WOW addons cannot work together with ESO so better use Minion only for one of the games. We had at least one user who was trying it with the remake of WOW and where addons were not recognized and installed properly, making the whole Minion installaltion not work properly anymore.

Or try this workaround:
Run Minion from another windows account and transfer the files from account B to A afterwards.
Somehow the Java installation of Account A (or some other software setup) made Minion not work, but a fresh account on Windows let it work properly somehow.

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