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Atola 02/16/19 03:28 PM

Clear Update log? (so sort by date works)
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I would like to clear the update log located in the options tab so that the sort by update date works. Since the new year there is no way to get the latest updated ad-don at the top of the log. (such as shown in the attachment).

However I can't find the file that minion is maintaining the history for all the updates. Ideas?

Baertram 02/16/19 05:06 PM

I bet it is within the minion.xml file as well.
But if you delete this it will reset all your addons and you need to relaod them into minion.

DBZVelena 03/06/19 07:35 AM

Want your list properly sorted?

Open minion.xml in wordpad.

there is your list, completely sorted by date. Oldest at the top, newest at the bottom.
you're welcome.

Also, editing this does work, but at your own risk. I advise to make a back up first.

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