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Iyanga 05/23/14 09:17 AM

Tilting at windmills
So, I make sure all my output of my addons is properly displayed without those annoying ^Fx meta-tags and instead of ZOS fixing their bugs in the UI regarding this, they manage to make it worse and break the chat names. How can they not detect this during playtest? :mad: :confused: :mad:

thelegendaryof 05/23/14 09:25 AM

Why - how - what? Could you post an screenshot and/or detailed log?

Iyanga 05/23/14 09:31 AM

Iyanga 05/23/14 09:46 AM

And they managed to break one of my addons. :mad:

(Using an OnDragReceived event on a button, nothing special. But it doesn't fire anymore it seems.)

thelegendaryof 05/23/14 09:48 AM

u o lemme check if they broke my itemlink addon ...

Edit: No luckly it still seems fine. Pew.

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