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JP Fred 10/16/19 03:08 AM

Looking for manual suggestions
I have been a programmer for 30 years, mainly AS400 mid range computers, and am looking to create some add-ons. From what I see the ESOUI uses the LUA scripting language.

That being said I am looking for a good guide to help me to get started and also one to be used as an on-going reference.

I am retired and have a lot of time on my hands. I would appreciate any feedback from the brain trust.



Sordrak 10/16/19 04:10 AM

About Lua:

About the ESO API:

By far not complete, but at least a starting point. :)

sirinsidiator 10/16/19 05:24 AM

Have you checked the sticky posts on top of this forum? There is one which has links to all the relevant resources:

JP Fred 10/16/19 12:23 PM

Thanks all. I knew that I could get what I needed from the experts!

Phuein 10/16/19 11:38 PM

In addition to the guides, I've released a template of sorts to help (myself and) other coders get a new addon going quickly. New Addon in the links in my signature. :)

Baertram 10/17/19 02:37 AM

There also exist some developing tools helper for e.g. auto completion or API function lookup.


IntelliJ IDEA

Always check the latest comments of the threads for updated links and information (what lua plugins to use e.g.).

And there is one tool to show proper debug output (using LibDebugLogger) to analyze your harddisk saved debug messages. If you want to build something new better start to get used to using this library instead of using simple d() outut messages in your addons and having to check the chat ingame over and over again.

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