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TagCdog 07/31/20 02:27 PM

Dark and blotchy UI overlay
Hi All,

Not too long ago I started getting this weird dark/textured/transparent full screen overlay. It goes away if I resize my window.

I think it could be addon/anchor related because I also started occasionally getting weird window discontinuity like this where the TOM window overlay is seperated from the actual location of the TOM addon.

This might be related to my previous posts regarding anchors and crashes. I have tried freshly reinstalling all of my addons and deleted my SavedVariables many times so I really don't understand what is going on here.

Does anyone know where that dark/textured/transparent overlay originates from (regardless of this error/bug)?

Is there a specific addon that I should target with troubleshooting?


TagCdog 07/31/20 05:35 PM

Hi all,

Just an update that Inventory Insight appeared to be the offending addon.

I will follow up if I continue running into issues, but from the addon's comments page it was already causing some issues. Hopefully it can get updated soon especially since LibAsync's recent update just "broke" it.

Clarification edit: LibAsync was not ever broken. Version 2.2.0 was temporarily not compatible with Inventory Insight. I knew enough to put a copy of LibAsync 2.1.0 in IIfa's libs folder and direct IIfa.txt accordingly. IIfa is now updated in any case!

I would still be interested if someone has an answer as to what that blotchy overlay is and why other addons like TOM would have messed up anchors (hopefully that makes sense).

Sharlikran 08/01/20 03:08 AM

Inventory Insight has no issues nor does LibAsync. There are too many people posting things that do not address any issues and making suggestions that make things worse.

I have the current version of LibAsync and while I do not use Votan's Minimap on a regular basis I test with it all the time because people post errors that can not be possible. So I test it and then share that I can not reproduce the error.

None of the claims are true, people are simply not updating their mods and continue to try and use older version of things. I have had three users provide me with their addons folder and all I did was open minion, right click and choose Reinstall on each mod. Then ask them what the error is and how they reproduce it. I never could get the error to happen. Send the folder back and they replace theirs with the updated versions, no errors.

Since I did that three times I no longer do it because users can do the same thing.

Baertram 08/01/20 06:20 AM


Originally Posted by Sharlikran (Post 41989)
Inventory Insight has no issues nor does LibAsync. There are too many people posting things that do not address any issues and making suggestions that make things worse.

I can confirm this never happens to me and I'm using IIFA since years. It's not adding any textures etc.
Maybe it's "AGAIN any other addon using the same libs like IIFA does?

To your question: Try to use an addon tool like merTorchbug or zgoo and move your mouse above the background (or any other control) and typ /zgoo mouse or /tbm to inspect the control that your mouse is over.
Inside the zgoo/merTorchbug UI you'll see the name tag or GetName functionr eturning you the name of the UI control below your mouse.

Or simply (without using these addons) you could alsouse the chat script
/script d(moc():GetName())
to get the name of the control below the mouse written in chat.

Could be it's HUD or GUI or similar and thus you won't find out this way "easily" and need to just disable all addons and test one after another to see which one causes it.

TagCdog 08/01/20 09:20 AM

Hi @Sharlikran and @Baertram,

I want to seriously thank both of you for your continued input and for taking the time to respond to my posts. While I don't (yet) know how to code, I have an engineering background and am very inquisitive by nature. I am doing my best to try and learn and hope that in the future, archived posts like this can provide valuable information to people like me!

Whether it was addons not playing well with each other or something else, prior to being updated late last night Inventory Insight was (at least in terms of disabling it resolved my issues) the offending addon. LibAsync was never the issue (except maybe that it removed LibStub support which IIFa depended on?).

I also want to further clairify that while I still use Minion to manually update my addons when available, I started using an alrernative method to re-download all of my addons manually each time something broke/stopped working/bugged out/etc...

My method was to completely delete my "\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\" folder and then use a 3rd party download client to manually re-download the latest copy of all my addons (note that I don't use all of them at the same time). I would then extract everything and paste it back into my "\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\" folder. I would also prune (or sometimes completely delete just to see what happened) my "\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables\" folder. Doing so either didn't help, or helped for a small while and then issues would start up again shortly after (without any additional changes to the game or my addons). That leads me to believe that something could be self corrupting itself?


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LibRunebox                                                                                                                        -
LibSavedVars                                                                                                                -
LibSets                                                                                                                                -
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LibSlashCommander                                                                                                        -
LibStub                                                                                                                                -
LibTableFunctions-1.0                                                                                                -
LibTextFilter                                                                                                                -
LibUespQuestData                                                                                                        -
LibZone                                                                                                                                -
Light Attack Helper                                                                                                        -
Light, Please!                                                                                                                -
LootDrop Reborn                                                                                                                -
LoreBooks                                                                                                                        -
Lost Treasure                                                                                                                -
Lui Extended                                                                                                                -
Map Pins                                                                                                                        -
Mass Deconstructor                                                                                                        -
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Sharlikran 08/01/20 10:05 AM

Is that a list of your mods? If so are those the folder names? The mods will not work properly if the folders are not what Minion would use.

What is the 3rd party download client? There is no license or restriction in place that you can not download mods using something other then Minion.

Baertram 08/01/20 10:24 AM

Well, not sure where this dark UI overlay comes from. MAybe it was a problem due to LibAsync's update which destroyed IIfA then (for some houers).
I think we did not experience this as we had removed LibStub from the versions of IIfA, we are using locally, since months already :p

I cannot say anyhting about your approach of updating addons. Minion just works fine for me so I do not see any reason in doing it by other ways, or totally manually.
Whatever could happen with your 3rd party tool: We cannot say anything about it, so your assumption "That leads me to believe that something could be self corrupting itself?" will just be unanswered from my side. I doubt it though IF you use Minion OR manually update the addons.
IF your RAM fis broken-> This would be one reason how files could become damage after/during downloads ;)

But back to the topic: in the end I still wonder where IIfA could or would add some textures to the UI, or any overlay.
Is it still happening now as LibAsync and IIfA were updated?
If so you should still do a test with ONLY IIfA, and then add the other addons you have had enabeld as the error happened.
And then find out which combination of addons leads to the UI overlay.
It's definately not happening with IIfA and my addons.

The list looks like a name of addon -> link list (scroll lto the right). It's not the live/AddOns folder!
Maybe for his 3rd party download tool, or internal use.

TagCdog 08/02/20 12:22 AM

Baertram is correct about my list. It is just addon names and download links that my downloader parses and downloads.

I use Minion 99.9% of the time and check for addon updates before starting the game every time. Sometimes I will quit the game just to update an addon when Minion indicates an update is available. I am very much meticulous in keeping things always up-to-date.

If I run into errors/bugs/etc... I'll check my logs and troubleshoot accordingly (if possible), but will also use Minion to reinstall my last couple of addons just to see if that resolves anything. My troubleshooting includes disabling addons to try and single out the cause.

If the errors/bugs/etc... persist, I first check the addon comments page of the last few addons I installed and/or updated to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. If not, I'll use a standard HTTP downloader (in this case jDownloader 2 in a Sandboxie container) to download my list of addons all in one go (manually clicking each link would take forever). I extract all the zip files, delete the contents of my Addons folder, and paste the fresh copies in. Yes Sharlikran, the individual addon directories are all properly located, properly named, and for all intents and purposes correctly extracted and installed at that point!

If that doesn't work, I try pruning potential offender files out of my SavedVariables directory to see if something got corrupt. Sometimes I back up and delete my SavedVariables entirely just to see if that fixes anything.

Last, I come here and post my questions. I do try troubleshooting before posting. I know a lot of end users don't and that is unfortunate because a lot can be learned (and for the most part easily resolved!).

@Baertram, as soon as everything was updated all my issues vanished (including crashing to the login screen whenever I attempted a /reloadui). I'll update this thread if anything comes up!

TagCdog 08/02/20 11:20 AM

I have an update but have not had time to troubleshoot and try to reproduce it yet. All of my addons are up-to-date!

IIfa persistent window:

Using "/script d(moc():GetName())" while hovering my pointer over it I get: GuiRoot

Leo's Dolmen Runner:

Using "/script d(moc():GetName())" while hovering my pointer over the empty UI space I get: GuiRoot

Using "/script d(moc():GetName())" while hovering my pointer over the LDR UI space in the upper right I get: LeoDolmenRunnerWindowPanel

Baertram 08/02/20 01:03 PM

The IIfA thing is a "tooltip" left over, no IIfA own UI! It's ZOs code we can reuse for our addons.
But all addons share the same tooltips and add information to it.
Should vanish if you open the IIfA UI and move the mouse over any item in the list (shows new tooltip then).
Then move the mouse away from the items before closing the IIfa frame.

If this does not work you need to disable other addons and try if this happens the same with only IIfA enabled (I personally never experienced this left over toioltip and I'm also using a lot of other addons ~200 sometime at the same time).
Guess it's some other addon causing it then which also adds stuff to the tooltips so start with those addons first.

What's the problem with LDR? I don't use or know it but the UI at the top right looks normal to me?
Or do you mean the black thing at the bottom middle?

GUI_ROOT is the normal UI where all other controls anchor to. If you cannot identify the black boxes there on your 2nd and 3rd screenshot you need to etst it the old fashioned way: Disable addons one after another and check when they disappear.

TagCdog 08/02/20 02:31 PM

Hi Baertram,

I still have not been able to do any more involved troubleshooting, and this may already be known, but have been able to reproduce the persistent IIfa tooltip issue.

It happens when I click an item's link to display the detailed popup:

I'll try to do some more involved troubleshooting in the next day or two!

Kyoma 08/02/20 02:46 PM

It might be worth posting your settings for IIfA, I recall there being some tooltip stuff and it might be the reason why it works for others but not for you.

Baertram 08/02/20 05:00 PM

Yep, at best post the image and the info how to rebuild it at the IIfA comments.
I think this will help the author to fix it, if it's worth the effort :)

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