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Yamagata 09/09/16 06:30 PM

Minion Not Detecting Addons or Searching on Linux
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Hi there,

I spent a little bit of time and got Minion running happily on Linux now that ESO can run under wine again (with a tiny patch to make the ground not... invisible). All went well, and I side-stepped those null pointer issues that happen during game detection. However, I am currently unable to search the online database and it appears Minion isn't capable of downloading any data from the addons database. I have some screenshots attached, but it's unable to match any installed addons to the database, nor is it able to allow me to search for new ones to install. (It won't even populate the dropdowns with category information.) I am not running a proxy and should have no need of special settings.

You can see in the log that it's recognizing some addon information but is unable to match them to anything from esoui's database. I'm happily able to ping and access the cdn and api subdomains, as the log shows the app can as well. The program works happily on Windows on the same machine and network setup.

Yamagata 09/09/16 06:32 PM

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Just for greens, here's a list of what's actually in the directory I pointed Minion to. It's a copy from my Windows install.

Dolby 09/10/16 08:35 AM

Hi Yamagata,

Thanks. I see the issue under Ubuntu. Investigating why this is happening.

Yamagata 09/10/16 03:33 PM

Yep! It's 16.04 with all updates applied and nothing terribly strange outside the default setup. I use the machine for games, so I don't really change much. I was using Oracle's Java 8.

Dolby 09/12/16 08:22 AM

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I found the issue and a way to work around it for now.

During Minions first startup if you choose for it to not scan for WOW or ESO it will no longer load the addon database for that game. Even if you manually add the game back.

So blow away your minion.xml
rm ~/.minion/minion.xml

Start Minion and when prompted to scan for games makes sure they are selected like this:

It probably won't find the games and prompt you to manually add one but this time it should list AddOns under find more.

Yamagata 09/16/16 10:22 AM

Apologies for the long time before replying. That was exactly the needed fix. Thanks so much!

Techwolf 09/24/18 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by Dolby (Post 28332)
I found the issue and a way to work around it for now.

During Minions first startup if you choose for it to not scan for WOW or ESO it will no longer load the addon database for that game. Even if you manually add the game back.

So blow away your minion.xml
rm ~/.minion/minion.xml

That is a Linux path. My question is how did you get minion to run on Linux? All the info I found so far is way outdated and I did try running minion under wine and it fails with missing letters and bad fonts. But still runs, but when I navigate to manually point to the AddOns directory, it fails saying it does not exists.

Yamagata 09/25/18 10:31 AM

Minion is built in Java and they provide a download link to a JAR version on the download page. (It's tiny print, so it's not obvious.) After that, you just extract it and run the JAR. (In my case, I made my own .desktop file that runs `java -jar Minion-jfx.jar`. So far, the only issue aside from needing to skip auto-detection and manually pointing it to your install (which is a pain for the Steam version via Proton/SteamPlay), the auto-updater doesn't work.

Yamagata 09/25/18 10:32 AM

An addendum, this likely won't work with the OpenJDK. You'll probably need to install Oracle Java of at least version 8. (Works up through 10 on my machine.) If you're on Ubuntu, you can just use this delightful PPA instead of manually installing (which is a huge pain):

sprice 10/09/18 03:45 PM

Thank you for the information. I was able to get the Java version of Minion installed and able to get new addons. I cannot tell where to put the Addon folder so that ESO can see it? Ive tried ~/Documents, in the ESO folder, in the ESO Steam folder, and a few others. Minion can always find them, but ESO cant??

Baertram 10/11/18 04:19 AM

From the attached minion-log file of the first post in this thread the folder seems to look like this:

/home/<username>/Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/AddOns/

Techwolf 11/02/18 02:10 PM

Followup. I just got Minion running in Linux on my gentoo system. So here is some info.

ICE does not work, fails with "Error: Could not find or load main class gg.minion.Minion"

OpenJDK was not tested. May not work as posted above.

Edit /etc/portage/package.use and add one line: "dev-java/oracle-jre-bin javafx gtk2 -gtk3" to it. Note that if "nsplugin" USE flag is set, there may be a conflict. "nsplugin" is not needed.

Fetch and download the oracle file jre-9.0.4_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz . Use bugmenot website to bypass the login screen.

emerge -av dev-java/oracle-jre-bin

Download and install Minion somewhere. I used the windows installer under wine trying to get to run on my system when the java version did not work.

On my system: cd to ~/.wine_Tamriel/drive_c/users/steam/Local Settings/Application Data/Minion/app

then "/opt/oracle-jre-bin-9.0.4/bin/java -jar Minion-jfx.jar" . Note that "java -jar" will not work as that will point to the default javavm, on my system, ICE. The oracle bin is not part of the eselect java picking system. So you have to manually point to it.

You will need to run it twice before it will pick up the addons and display them, obscure bugs that need fixed.

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