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SirKiddo 05/20/18 11:08 AM

[Request] A function for maps
The concept for this plugin is that every sunday me and a group of friends raids a zone for skyshards delves and world bosses, and (i'm not sure if it allready exists) would like a way to plan that route. Like being able to draw a certain route on map for me to follow (doesnt have to be shared with everyone else). So I dont have to constantly pull up a map.

Rhyono 05/20/18 11:14 AM

Well you could use Skyshards, take a screenshot of the map and then open up paint?

SirKiddo 05/20/18 11:15 AM

That would still require me to alt-tab out, I'd like something that could be put on-screen

Baertram 05/20/18 12:53 PM

Harvest map got some functions like that for planing routes for harvest nodes I think. Maybe for others too.

Or use harvens custom map pins to create your own waypoints 1,2,3 to follow.

Baertram 05/20/18 12:53 PM

Oh and you can use shift+click on the map, as group leader, to show the others where to go next (red circle).

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