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ufctom 04/05/14 02:55 AM

Login failed. Please check ...
I've just signed up with a login for this website. Installed Minion (which works fine in guest mode) but I can't log into my account via Minion. Works via website. Doesn't work via Minion. I get "Login failed. Please check your userid and password.". Any suggestions?

Dolby 04/05/14 08:05 AM

Try logging out of and then logging back in. Then try to login to Minion.

Let me know if this works, if it does I probably know what the bug is.


ufctom 04/06/14 02:04 AM

Hi Dolby,

It didn't work. I've tried again overnight and same error. What else do you think I can do?

topcattony 04/06/14 09:47 AM

Same here. Had the problem for days, but pressing Guest seems good.

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