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Sunspot 04/12/19 07:41 PM

Global Cooldown Cursor Mockup
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Hello Everyone!

I don't know if this is the right place for what I'm posting, but I figure, it does say "UI" and design discussions, so I figured I'd post this here.

So, I recently reached out to Wheels who made the awesome GCD BAR addon.

I talked to them a bit and they were able to make it so that it was not a countdown timer, but a count-up timer to when the next skill could be used.

As I was using it, though, I couldn't find a great place to put it that would let me use it without my directly staring at it. So, I thought to myself "what's the best way I could make this work?"

I said to myself "if I have it change color when it's ready, then even if it's just in the corner of my eye, I'll see it and know I'm good to go.

So I decided to go one step further and make a mockup of a cursor addon that would be a color-changing count-up timer for the GCD. Segments would fill in as the cooldown progressed, and then it would change colors when it was "full."

I mocked up the below. Let me know what you think!

Wheels 04/12/19 08:04 PM

I like the look of it! I'll also add an option in the next patch for GCD Bar in addition to the bar growth option that makes it change color at full size.

Sunspot 04/12/19 08:08 PM

If you want me to make transparent versions of the above I can! I just posted them like that so they're easy to see.

Lil35caM 09/17/19 01:12 PM

Looks good. Great job.

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