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nbhran3 06/30/17 06:50 AM

minion doesn't launch
hello !
i downloaded the Minion program and installed it on my computer (i am using windows 10).
and after i finished the installation i tried to launch it as an admin and nothing happened...
i am using a different language on windows and my user folder is not in english..
my question is , if it does have to do with the folder so where can i install it instead of installing it in my User folder ?

Baertram 06/30/17 01:38 PM

Change the Install dir during setup to another folder that contains only English characters, like c:\minion

nbhran3 06/30/17 04:14 PM

FINALLY IT WORKS !!!! THANK YOU ! i didnt know where i could install it because in some folders it would say that i cant install it there !

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