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Scootworks 04/17/20 08:34 AM

[open] utf8.char() game crash
UTF8 functions dosn't work properly

-> works "/script d(utf8.codepoint("Г"))" == 1043

-> doesn't work properly "/script local str = "TЖ" for w in str:gmatch(utf8.charpattern) do d(w) end" == "T" and ignores the other char

-> works "/script d(utf8.offset("Test", 1, 4))" == 4

-> works (or using ZoUTF8StringLength())
-> doesn't work, returns: Attempt to access a private function 'anonymous' from insecure code. The callstack became untrusted 1 stack frame(s) from the top.

-> "/script d(utf8.char(1043))" CRASH

Ingame ticket# 200417-003814

Sharlikran 04/19/20 11:44 AM

I thought of something and then felt I was way off base. However, does anyone know what code page the game runs in? Because UTF8 is not a code page.

Also what language is that from? What are you trying to represent? Maybe just find the correct value rather then having the game tell you. Because Bethesda does not have crash logs of any kind. I feel maybe ESOUI doesn't either, sadly. The game could be crashing because the value is out of range.

Another reason I ask is because in UTF8 1043 is a MYANMAR DIGIT THREE

sirinsidiator 04/19/20 01:00 PM

It looks like the implementation of utf8.char uses string.format with %U internally, which is not implemented in Lua5.1. When calling "string.format("%U", 1)" I get a proper error: "Illegal %U at the end of the format", but when it is called via utf8.char it will just crash for whatever reason.

And for it seems the secure context functionality doesn't recognize that iter_aux is a public function.

Drummerx04 04/20/20 08:37 AM

Oh yeah, I've ran into plenty of weird behaviors when dealing with utf8 in ESO. I haven't messed with it for about a year, but when trying to write a match expression for international characters in profile names, I tried something like this.
Lua Code:
  1. for match in testString:gmatch("@[a-zA-Z0-9_\128-\255]+")
The string library in lua/ESO only works on single byte characters, so what this actually does is assumes that any byte over \127 is part of a valid utf8 multibyte character, and for my purposes that would have been perfectly fine.

The issue is that it DIDN'T WORK. The \128-\255 expression was ignored (but something like \97-\123 was matched correctly as a-z).

Even more interestingly I came up with an alternative approach which DOES work
Lua Code:
  1. for match in testString:gmatch("(@[^\1-\47\58-\64\91-\96]+)") do
Basically, just create a character set you DON'T want and then invert it with '^'

I don't remember the utf8 module being in ESO, maybe that was added after I left, but if they didn't fix their regex parser ignoring any character value over \127, then you'd have more problems anyway.

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