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cazx 08/18/18 04:42 AM

Blank screen for minion
I added exceptions in the firewall and my av as well. Ran the program as admin and used 32 bit ver. I added the game manually because it failed to find it for some reason. (C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns) I see other threads with the same not sure what is going on.

It started to work after I added <skip-network-check /> to the xml under <client>

Baertram 08/19/18 02:50 PM

If the network check was the problem then your firewal or proxy server was blocking the contact to the Minion servers.

Or the java installation on your pc got a bug (there was one thread in this forum about network beeing blocked by java due to anything i did not really understand).

Dolby 08/27/18 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by cazx (Post 35668)
It started to work after I added <skip-network-check /> to the xml under <client>

Could you send me your minion.log? There should be an exception error at the network check. Curious to see it.

Glad its working for you with the network check skip.

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