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bazzaro135 02/10/20 04:35 PM

House Oldenmmo | EH PvX Pst Social
Hello, everyone, my name is Nick. My intentions and views don't make sense without some context.

So I have been playing games all my life much like everyone else. My first MMO is what created the playstyle and community love that I have come to know. That MMO was Everquest, in that game You were in only one guild. That made players work even harder together to accomplish elements of the game. I feel the guild system in the game causes more harm than it creates but that is a conversation for another time.

I have owned ESO since launch and have played many times. I always start a new character and eventually quit due to MY complaints with the game. So I have never really seen the game never even hit 50. I've decided to finally create the environment I want and I understand that it doesn't quite work with the game but oh well.

So going forward I am looking for other players new or old who are interested in joining a guild that wants to work together to tackle all aspects of the game. This is for players who want to join and create a community for the coming adventures.

The guild is: Ebonheart Pact, The PST Timezone,

Looking for some people to help run this community. Leaders, artists, heck even writers :) More here -

Maelynn 02/11/20 04:53 AM

Just a tip: you may want to emphasise whether you're on NA or EU server.

Best of luck with your guild plans, I hope you fare well. :)

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