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Keldor 01/17/16 05:37 AM

First Anniversary of the ESO-Database. (Giveaway: Nord figure by Symbiote!)


I just want to inform you guys that there is an giveaway on ESO-Database. Put this post here because the ESOUI community has helped me out with a lot of questions to LUA and the ESO API. Thanks a lot! :banana:

A year ago the ESO-Database has been officially released for the german ESO-Community. To celebrate the first anniversary of the ESO-Database we have a little giveaway. Thanks to Kai Schober (German Community Manager at Zenimax Online Studios) who made this giveaway possible.

You can win a Nord figure by Symbiote! Visit the following page to see how you can get qualified for the giveaway. Please note: You need an ESO-Database account in order to see your giveaway status and to participate to the giveaway.

I would thank you all for the great feedback and your ideas over the first year. I love to be a part of the ESO-Community!

Hopefully I see you the next time on ESO-Database with some nice feedback and ideas. There will be more great new features the next time, so have an eye on the news section of the ESO-Database.


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