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Ulfheodin 09/13/19 09:28 AM

Minions backups not working
Lost everything, thanks

Baertram 09/13/19 12:38 PM
Last post. Maybe it helps.


You can also just unzip the backup file manually.
Just go to the backup folder c:\users\your windows user name\.minion\minion-backups and in there you'll find the backup folders for the games you have setup in Minion.
e.g. ESO-1 (for the live folder).
In there are zip files.
Open them and you will find the folder structure like c:\users\your windows username\documents\elder scrolls online\live\SavedVariables.

Just unzip the SavedVariables folder and you got yaour SV back.

And for the addons:
There is a txt file in the backup folder which tells you the addon ids. Unfortunately one cannot map them to the names as it seems.
If my first post above the 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 does not help with the backup of the addons you probably lost their names. But inside the SavedVariables the lua files are the same name as the addon in 90% of the cases. So just search for these names.

And backup your addons and SavedVariables folder manually by copying the whole folder "live".

Chronichavoc 10/05/19 10:28 PM

Hey looking for a workaround for minion backup and seen this. Got the SV part down but was trying to view your other post to see if I can get a full restore of the add-ons themselves but when I click the link it just takes me to the main minion forum.

Baertram 10/06/19 04:07 AM

Fixed the link.
Forum search->"minion backup" would have presented the same thread btw. ;)

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