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Spuzzer 04/17/20 01:08 PM

Minion Not Working, Looking for alternative
Hello there i downloaded minion and its just blank ive tried to let it search for addons ive tried to find the file manually but no matter what I do the client stays blank. I have reinstalled, I have run as administrator, I have made sure its closed everytime in task manager and have deleted the xml file and other fixes I've read but nothing works. If there is any alternative to minion please let me know.

Thanks by the way

Baertram 04/17/20 01:19 PM

Alternative = manually installation of addons:

Did you check the Minion troubleshoot thread in the Minion forums already and made sure ALL steps were tried?

Did you try to deinstall and install Minion 32bit (not 64!) at another folder like c:\Minion instead of the c:\users\...\AppData (hidden folder)?

Also change the scan depth in the minion settings (top right corner -> gear icon) and after it scans for the addons wait like 2 mins and then close Minion, and restart it afterwards. Do the addons show up then?
if not:
Post your Minion.log file here so I can have a look what might be the issue. Most of the times it's either your network/firewall or Antivirus blocking it.
Or it's the java version.

Spuzzer 04/17/20 01:28 PM

Don't know what fixed it but after a couple more resinstalls and deleting stuff it just started working. Thanks for the help though much appreciated.

Baertram 04/17/20 01:34 PM

Often it does not show something after you have chosen the game folder. You just need to wait and restart it, sometimes eften more than once.
Then all of sudden the info is there.

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