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Hissatsu 08/03/21 02:58 PM

Addon to display resource ticks

I'm looking for an addon to display resource ticks. For the purpose of timing your blocks and sprint to receive resource ticks while still blocking or sprinting the majority of the time. There is only one working addon I could find (ResourceTickIndicator) but it is abandoned and has no customisation options (Cannot hide while stamina is full or when out of combat, cannot change its size etc.)

I assume there are better solutions to this? Or people just stopped tracking ticks for some reason? Why is such a common, I assume, feature, abandoned?

Baertram 08/03/21 03:15 PM

Reason: Player leaes game, life, others ;)
Unfortunately I do not know any ther addon providing this feature.
But maybe someone can revive this one, if it is still working, and add your missing features.
Btw the dev added a github repository:
Try to contact him there, maybe he is willing to add stuff or add others (who are interested) to the esoui team of the addon so they are able to update it.

Or write at the addon comments, as it got 0 comments so far, or write him a PM on esoui (get's an email notification then).

HSBS_User 10/16/21 09:19 PM

There's also MiatsTickTracker:

Do believe this one may be discontinued as well. Would certainly love to see one of the tick trackers brought back to life though. Maybe ask one of the light attack timer/combat metronome addon authors to bake in a resource tick tracking component as well?

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