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Juice805 04/09/14 01:42 PM

Change Game Data location?
is there some way to set my game data folder to a different location?

C:\Users\YOURUSER\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online

Maybe a .bat file command or something?

Sharp 04/09/14 02:29 PM

There is probably a way, but it would require some registry editing and probably other steps than just moving the folders.

Juice805 04/09/14 04:29 PM

I was thinking some programs accept parameters.

PATH/eso.exe -gamedir="blah"

just a hope. I want it to be system independent, its gonna be on a external HD and dont want it to be in every computers documents. Also i want the addons to carry over

Sharp 04/10/14 02:42 PM

I'm in the same boat. My main drive is an SSD for OS, and other games that take advantage of SSD. SSD space is expensive, and I had hoped the Addons would've been in the game's install directory.

wmrojer 04/13/14 07:47 AM

You can always use MKLINK to make a directory symbolic link. The game will still think it is storing and reading from "C:\Users\YOURUSER\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online" but the data is actually stored where you point the directory symbolic link

Move you current "Elder Scrolls Online" folder from Documents to where you want it to reside.
In Documents execute MKLINK /D "Elder Scrolls Online" X:\MyGameSave\ElderScrolls\
where X:\MyGameSave\ElderScroll is the "Elder Scrolls Online" directory you moved and/or renamed.

LiterallyMoveLauncherToo 06/12/20 08:57 AM

Literally just move the Launcher Too
You can literally just move the launcher too - then reopen the launcher and it'll detect the game in the new location.

SteveCampsOut 06/12/20 09:53 AM

You can just reinstall the game to the desired location. The installer does ask you where you want it.

Baertram 06/12/20 03:22 PM

You could also move the documents library of Windows to another directory. Should move all files of eso user data as well.

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