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Scootworks 06/25/20 01:07 PM

[open] Maptype_alliance
source code/ingame/map/worldmapquest_shared.lua

Lua Code:
  1. if mapType == MAPTYPE_WORLD or mapType == MAPTYPE_COSMIC or mapType == MAPTYPE_ALLIANCE then
MAPTYPE_ALLIANCE doesn't exist == nil

- maybe just check for:
Lua Code:
  1. if GetMapType() > MAPTYPE_ZONE then

ZOS_DanBatson 06/29/20 09:33 AM

Fixed locally. MAPTYPE_ALLIANCE got deprecated. Was this throwing an error of some kind?

Scootworks 06/29/20 10:25 AM

no error. ive noticed this, when i checked map types in source code and was confused if this is a hidden feature.

ZOS_DanBatson 06/30/20 09:10 AM

It's almost like a hidden feature, in that it used to be a feature many many years ago that was no longer being used, so I went ahead and stopped supporting it :-p

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