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MagiczneTornado 07/29/15 07:46 AM

Minion unresponsive to <window key> + arrows
Every application on windows is responsive to a key combination <windows key>+ direction arrow

This allows to move focused window around screen and multiple monitors.

Minion do not react to this key combination.

Problem is when minion is used on multi screen setup and minion application will be left opened on one monitor.
Upon closing minion, then disconnecting monitor or rearranging multiscreen setup it is possible that minion will launch outside of existing screen area and will be unreachable.

Normally i would select minion from task manager and use <windows key> + direction arrow to bring minion back from outside screen area to the main desktop area.

Unfortunatly minion does not react to this key combination.

Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit.

Baertram 08/04/15 02:04 PM

Sometimes the WINDOWS KEY+ UP ARROW changes the size of the Minion window, but not always.

Workaround to bring the minion window on your screen again:
Close minion, exit it completely (abort task in task manager or use tray symbol's context menu)!

Search for the minin.XML file located at a path like this:


C:\Users\<Your windows username>\.minion
Edit the minion.XML file with a text editor and search for this line

  <position height="689.0" width="1205.0" x="282.0" y="197.0"/>
The values for height, width, x and y are different in your file but you can change the x and y coords here to e.g. 0 , 0, save the file and start minion again.
Minion should be shown at the top left corner of your 1st screen (main screen) now.

Neverlands 05/21/19 06:27 AM

since the latest Minion update 3.0.7 I have the same problem.
I need to open Minion maximized on my second Monitor. When I move the Minion window to the second monitor it jumps to the first monitor or disappears.
Unfortunately I cannot find C:\Users\<Your windows username>\.minionI installed it on H:\Minion but there is also no .minion.

Sometimes I even cannot drag the Minion window with the mouse so I have to shut it down completely.

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