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g4rr3t 05/25/18 05:03 PM

[open] Ability stacks against critters persist indefinitely
With the changes to attacking critters not entering combat, ability stacks are behaving oddly.

Stacks are reported by the API, persisted between critter attacks, and into combat.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Activate Grim Focus or other morph. Find some critters.
2. Light attack a critter. A stack will be tracked. Repeat multiple times, stacks continue to increment.
3. Light attack a non-critter enemy, previous stacks persist and can fire the Spectral Bow proc after remaining light attacks are dealt.

Expected behavior:
- Attacking critters out of combat should not increment stacks.
- Attacking critters should only contibute toward stacks if already in combat (i.e. accidentally hitting an innocent critter bystander while fighting enemy NPCs).
- Entering a fresh combat event should begin with zero stacks (since stacks should not persist out of combat).

Happy to provide any additional info. This is an edge case and does not impact general playability, but is an inconsistency that should be addressed nonetheless.

Thanks much,

ZOS_ChipHilseberg 05/30/18 07:50 AM

I reported this to the combat team.

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