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Phinix 05/07/21 03:34 AM

Mod page formatting broken?
Good morning,

I am seeing a site-wide behavior, with Firefox in safe mode (no addons loaded) where mod author summary pages look normal, but any individual mod page has no background and one long mess of non-formatted text.

Just curious if this is somehow only on my end?

Dolby 05/07/21 04:15 AM

Should be fixed now, sorry for the trouble!

Phinix 05/07/21 04:43 AM

Working great again, thanks for the fast response! :)

Hydra9268 05/07/21 12:50 PM


Originally Posted by Dolby (Post 43864)
Should be fixed now, sorry for the trouble!

Any chance you could let us know what caused it?

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