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AssemblerManiac 01/11/18 09:14 AM

ability to create containers
I've been donating full motif sets (and large numbers of intricates/glyphs) to a guild for auctions, and it's a pain to have to send lots of mails with only six pieces at a time, so it got me thinking.

If we had a way to create a container, maybe for a gold cost, that could hold 15-20 items, we could use that to mail/trade items in bulk.

It would really help in guild stores too.

Something like:
Container Name (user supplied): Motif 33: Thieves Guild Complete
Items[] = {motif chapters 1-14, 5 Fine Chalk}
Creation Cost: 1000G

Making it so you can only own/sell a limited number would probably be necessary, otherwise people would probably use it as a storage workaround.

sirinsidiator 01/11/18 09:37 AM

Would love to see something like that too, but it has nothing to do with the API, so I moved it from the wishlist forum. Maybe you should also post the idea in the official forum? :)

Baertram 01/11/18 10:41 AM

Just an intel how I currently do this.

Addons used:
Advanced Filters (not really needed but a great help to search the items in your inventories)
DoItAll with FCOIS support
Mailbuddy (not needed but helps with using the same mail text and subject again and again...)

-Setup DoItAll in the addon settings to recognize FCOIS marker icons and protection!
Setup to use mass mail within DoItAll as long as there are items for a full mail (6 items)

-Search your items you want to mail in your Inventories and filter them with the help of AdvancedFilters e.g.

-Use FCOIS flag icon to mark all shown (filtered) items at once with a marker icon, OR
manualyl mark all items you want to send later on with a marker icon
->I use a dynamic FCOIS marker icon which I've reanmed to "For mail", and which is setup to be allowed to be mailed/traded, but protected against all other sorts.
Got another icon for "Sell in guild store" too or "Deposit on guild bank".

-Open mail/guild bank/trade and click the FCOIS filter icons at the inventory button to ONLY SHOW (yellow filter button) of that dynamic icon (e.g. "For mail") -> Right click the filter button to only choose the dynamic icon you want!

-Use the keybind of DoItAll to "Maill all" items (the filtered FCOIS marked items) after another.
The addon will put 6 attachments to the mail, ask to send. You press yes and afterwards it repeats this as long as items are left.

Mailbuddy is remembering the text and subject and recipient for you so you do not have to manualyl add it, if you set this in the Mailbuddy settings.

Rhyono 01/11/18 11:57 AM

Only semi-related but: I think if you have all motif chapters you should be able to combine it into a book or if you have a book and already know some, you could "rip out" those other pages (essentially the opposite of combine to book) and sell them individually.

Sorondor 01/11/18 12:29 PM

I really like this idea and I wish it would be implemented, but the only way it would be workable is if a player could preview the contents of the container before accepting a COD mail, purchasing a container from a guild trader, and completing a player-to-player trade. Player created containers would have huge scamming potential and would be a customer service nightmare.

I think the near-term solution is for ZOS to significantly increase the number of attachments that in-game mails can contain. Players already use mail bouncing to bypass storage limits so increasing mail attachment limits really changes nothing there.

Rhono's idea of combining motif chapters into a complete volume would be a really awesome solution for that particular issue. I've often wondered why we can't do that already. The full/gold volumes already exist in game so it shouldn't be too hard to add an additional function, like creating the Psijic Ambrosia recipe.

sirinsidiator 01/11/18 01:35 PM

Putting chapters together so you can sell a whole book would be a really nice feature!

Dolgubon 01/11/18 01:37 PM

There would be a slight economic impact from that. Currently, full motifs are extremely rare, and even a collector's item. If you could combine motifs then that aspect of it would be gone.

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