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Illuzion 05/21/19 06:05 PM

Thank you to all the creators & contributors
Super new to ESO, but I wanted to show some love to all the people behind the scenes who've worked hard (and are still working hard) to keep our addOns alive. You are much appreciated!

Baertram 05/21/19 10:37 PM

You are most welcome, thanks for the kind words.
Enjoy the game.

Anceane 05/22/19 05:50 AM


I use about 69 addons ..... and beleive it or not, 2 hours after the launch, all them were working flawlessly.

it always bugged me to say *Great Job* as i feel it shoult not be a job for you, but with all the hours given, i will say its dedication at the highest.

Thanks you all and *hat down*

Phuein 06/17/19 08:19 AM

Addons let us play ESO in many more ways than intended! :banana: Love it.

t31os 06/18/19 11:39 AM

Don't think i could manage playing ESO on console and/or without addons, too much of a chore, absolute must-have(imho) for a game like this, truly appreciate the time all these guys put into their addons. Have to also give some praise to ZO for their willingness to support addon creators, provide new functions and build their game in a fashion that allows the community to really supplement the game with them.

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