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scatteredshots 05/21/20 06:30 PM

Add attachment to mail
Can anyone tell me if it's possible to add attachments to mail via an addon? I searched but didn't find much in the way of that functionality so I'm worried it's not possible. Any help would be appreciated.

Rhyono 05/21/20 07:14 PM

I would expect that to be a protected function.

scatteredshots 05/21/20 08:15 PM

Yeah I thought as much. Thanks for your input.

Dolgubon 05/21/20 08:27 PM

It is actually not a protected function!
QueueItemAttachment(bagId, slotId, attachmentSlot)

That said, actually sending the mail is a private (restricted) function.

Baertram 05/22/20 03:04 AM

You can have a look at the addon DoItAll -> AttachAll files

AssemblerManiac 05/27/20 12:57 PM

Any time one or more items are attached to a mail message, the user must ok it before sending. This is to prevent silent theft of items in the background.

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