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Darianopolis 05/24/19 05:51 AM

New addon on not showing up on Minion?

I'm a new addon developer; I just released my first ESO addon on and got asked why it isn't available through Minion - To which I have no answer.

Is there an amount of time between uploading an addon to esoui and it appearing on minion? Or is there a process I have to go through? I made this thread as a last resort because I couldn't find any information on making addons available through Minion (maybe I'm really bad at looking).

sirinsidiator 05/24/19 06:50 AM

Addons are added to Minion automatically after they got approved, although there is a small delay due to caching. The only exception is when you upload it in a category that is not shown in Minion (e.g. Developer Utilities).

The best way to resolve issues like this is to send a pm to an admin. They can move addons to a different category, delete them and also check why something is not showing as it should.

Dolby 05/24/19 07:25 AM


The reason your AddOn is not availble in Minion is because you are missing the subfolder inside the zip thus Minion doesn't think the file is an AddOn...

Your current zip format:

Changelog.txt - 262 b
GCDTracker.lua - 2.29 Kb
GCDTracker.txt - 349 b
LICENSE - 3.05 Kb

What it should be:

GCDTracker/Changelog.txt - 262 b
GCDTracker/GCDTracker.lua - 2.29 Kb
GCDTracker/GCDTracker.txt - 349 b
GCDTracker/LICENSE - 3.05 Kb

You can see the file structure format here:

Once you upload an update to fix this and its approved it should show up in Minion :)

Darianopolis 05/25/19 05:46 AM

Thanks Dolby :) I fixed the file format and it all works now!

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