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AlbinoPython 09/12/19 08:27 PM

Show optional dependencies in addon description?
I have quite a few optional dependencies that I would like people to see. If that is not possible is there a way to print new lines in the description? I tried using a '\n' but that just chopped off the end of the string.

Baertram 09/13/19 03:07 AM

You mean the description here at the esoui website?
Just press return key and add the text in next lines.

But I guess you mean another description.
The one in the txt manifest file? You can add text without a line break and it will be shown up to some lenght (not saure about the maximum).

But why do you need this at all?
Ppl should read the description of the addon which is shown at esoui and minion. Just put your dependencies in fancy colored letters with big size at the top.
If they ignore it, not your porblem.
Put it in the changelog as well. The ones who read are fine,.

It will also be show ingame in the addon manager. If an addon is not possible to be enabled there is an expand button in front of it telling the users the needed dependencies.
If the dependencies are optional, the same. But at least the addon will load then. You need to throw error messages with assert() e.g. ingame if an optional dependency is missing but someone tries to enable stuff which uses the optional dependency. Or put messages to the chat or use the center screen announcement.

Users always tend to complain and say it's not working and they hardly ever read :-) You won't change this with a description.

AlbinoPython 09/13/19 09:36 PM

That makes sense. I just thought I was missing something really simple. I think I will take your suggestion and use big flashy colors in the description. Thanks!

Lil35caM 09/19/19 02:21 PM

That's right! Sometimes it makes sense to read the instructions:)

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