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OgreOwner 12/20/20 02:41 PM

Javascript error on starting machine tied to minion
When I start up there is a JavaScript error message that I cannot copy. Something about a missing file.

Baertram 12/20/20 04:09 PM

Not sure what JavaScript got to do with Minion. I guess you meant a "Java" error -> Javascipt is not Java.
Well, maybe do not "copy" but just type the error message here? Or create a screenshot and upload it for us?
Just saying there is an error with javascript: It won't help!

Would be the same as if I'd tell you I got an error mesage at my offline Gameboy this morning. But I won't tell you what the message was... :)
At least the filename would help.

And if it would be a known error you'd have found it with the forum search inside the Minion forums already (if you have used the search, which I assume).
Did you search for the missing filename in the forums?

There also exists a Minion.log file. Read the sticky threads in the Minion forums please HOW to report a bug with Minion, and follow these rules.
It will help us to see the errors and help you.

Please read the sticky Minion troubleshooting threads as well as most error messages can be fixed by following these steps:
Thank you.

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