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thomwblair 01/17/21 07:57 AM

Will Minion install required files also?
Will Minion ever be able to install required files (like Libraries) when installing addons? That would be really useful.

Baertram 01/17/21 11:51 AM

You need to manually search them in Minion just like other addons as well, and install them once.
After that Minion will show you if there are updates just like with normal addons as well.

The current addon websites at esoui do not provide the needed information about dependencies.
It's just "free text" in the descriptin or changelog. So the technical background is not provided and needs to be created first.
And yes, this is a feature planned for a newer Minion version.
But there is no release date or information given so we just need to wait.

btw: I personally do not think it even would be needed as finding and installing a library is as easy as finding an addon.
Most libraries are even shared between the addons (what is the purpose of libraries!). So if it's installed once other addons benefit the same time.
It would just be a helper, I understand. But keep in mind: Automatisms also create problems.

thomwblair 01/17/21 12:37 PM

Ok, thank you

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