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Imeavie 10/05/21 12:14 PM

Cant Install

When I try to install minion I get this error, then it cancels the installation.

Baertram 10/05/21 12:43 PM

Like any other software it tries to write windows registry entries. But your current windows user does not seem to have access to the registry.
It says "access denied".
Try to install it with another user who got the rights to write the registry. e.g. an admin user.
Or start the installation with priviledged rights -> SHIFT key + mouse right click -> run as administrator.

btw: Download and install the 32bit version even if you run a 64bit OS.
Like described in the Minion troubleshooting sticky therad inside this forum here this will fix a few problems.

Imeavie 10/07/21 10:50 AM

I do have admin privileges, & I did try running it as admin already.
I only have one profile on this pc as its my exclusive pc, also I did try both 64, and 32.
So far nothing works at all, and I have been unable to fix the problem with any other methods I could think of.

Imeavie 10/07/21 11:07 AM

I managed to jury-rigged it by starting the install, then when the error pops up I end with task manager before it uninstalls. I then run it, it says it needs an update, then boom it works.

Baertram 10/07/21 05:03 PM

Still weird why you do not have access to your own registry if you got admin rights.
Sounds like any software (antivirus or an already fetched virus/malware?) blocking it.
I'd scan my PC with different tools to make sure you are clean...or use google and other websites to search for a similar error message with the registry, using an installer/Setup software. Maybe you will find out this way what is causing this.

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